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How To Overcome eCommerce Post-Holiday Returns

It's no secret that the holiday season is known for its festive attitude, high sales, and incredible prices, but it's not without blemishes, and online shops are no strangers to return. In spite of the growth in online sales of the eCommerce industry, as shown by a recent study, product returns still remain frequently overlooked. Because the holiday season is traditionally when the most sales occur for eCommerce stores, it is also when the most returns occur.

As the holiday season ends and the New Year approaches, it's critical to act quickly and devise new strategies to combat post-holiday returns, not just this year, but for years to come. In this article, the FenixCommerce team shares some strategies for handling returns and preparing your eCommerce store. Let's jump right in.

Examine Returns With New Data

eCommerce businesses can learn more about their customers with each return. We recommend including a form or a multiple-choice question asking for the specific reason for their return, as well as a special one-time discount for their next purchase. For example, if you discover that delivery is a problem for returns, you can concentrate on that.

Alternatively, if you notice a high number of returns due to the item being defective, you can direct your attention there. You can contact past and current customers, and once you've gathered enough information, if there is a recurring reason for customers returning their purchases, you can focus on resolving the core issue and reducing returns altogether.

Enhanced Exchange Program 

ecommerce returns

A return can become an exchange if the proper exchange program is in place. During the holiday season, eCommerce companies are expanding their return and exchange policies. While this means you'll have an increase in eCommerce sales during that time, it also means you'll have an increase in returns and the need to offer a solution.

Offering an improved exchange program not only reduces customer complaints but also gives your customers an incentive to buy from you again. If a customer is unsure about exchanging an item, you could offer a discount or overnight shipping. At the very least, rather than losing money, you can reduce the chances of a return and increase your chances of keeping the sale or even generating a larger sale while keeping your customer.

Showcase & Respond To Reviews

With reviews, eCommerce shoppers want to see both the good and the bad before making a purchase decision. In-depth product reviews can be critical and have a direct impact on conversions. A product with few reviews is less likely to be purchased, whereas many are more likely to be sold.

Brands can help customers become more knowledgeable about their products and have a better experience by responding with tips or informative advice when shoppers submit reviews. This can help the brand avoid an unnecessary return and can even help form a relationship with your customers as they notice how attentive you are when dealing with questions and online reviews.

Upgraded Product Page

eCommerce product page

Words can only convey so much, and when it comes to online shopping, you need photos & video to show the rest. So be sure you’re providing your eCommerce shoppers with an updated description and a new look for your products. This will clarify for your eCommerce shoppers to know what to expect from your products since online shoppers will more likely return their products if it doesn’t match what they see on the product page.

In addition, you can have out-of-date or missing shipping and return policy on your product page or photos with bad lighting that could be updated and even increase conversion. According to an infographic from Invesp, 22% of online shoppers return items because the product does not match the product page with such an easy fix, that same percentage of returns could turn into conversions.

Provide Estimated Delivery Dates

Many online shoppers opt to return purchases due to the frustration of receiving a late delivery, especially if it’s a gift or order under a tight timeframe. You can provide precise delivery information to your customers and provide a big box retailer experience by including Estimated Delivery Dates on your product page and checkout.

With big-box retailers promising quick delivery at a low cost, online businesses must now, more than ever, stand up and provide correct shipping information and dates to their customers. For example, FenixCommerce provides AI shipping and delivery technologies to businesses and customers.

Customers can place orders and know in real-time when they will receive their products based on their location. Even if a customer exchanges an item with implementing EDD’s by Fenix, your customer can be able to see when they will receive their new exchange accurately and smoothly. So, while you focus on building your eCommerce business, you can rest assured that your clients will receive their shipments at the fastest and most cost-effective pace possible.

Read more about the importance of Estimated Delivery Dates.

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