SwimOutlet Achieves Remarkable Revenue Growth with FenixCommerce... Learn More

Fenix Improves Conversion Rate, Profitability.

Improving Customer Shopping Experience from Discovery to Delivery while Increasing Conversion Rate, Reducing Shipping Spend and Customer Support Costs
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Top Retailers
Trusted by
Top Retailers

Success Delivered: Learn from Our Customers!

  • 7% Incremental Conversion
  • 13% Incremental Revenue Per Session
  • $4M Incremental Annual Revenue
  • Travelpro Increases 30% Add to Cart Conversion with FenixCommerce
  • A tremendous growth for Travelpro Products, Inc. !

Increase Your Conversion Rate with Accurate Delivery Promises

  • Order cut-off time and accurate delivery dates on PDP
  • Easy API integration
  • 40% Add to Cart Conversion Improvement

Power Up your Checkout Performance with Shipping Booster

  • Shipping options with estimated delivery dates
  • Personalized shipping promotions
  • 12% incremental operating income

Save Money on Shipping with Carrier Rate Shopping

  • Automate carrier selection at label printing
  • Optimized box size recommendations
  • 20% ship cost savings

Reduce Fulfillment Costs with Adaptive Order Promising

  • Reduce fulfillment and shipping costs
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Over 92% reduction in split shipments

Learn From Industry Experts

#1 Delivery Management Platform Helping DTC Brands and Retailers Grow Faster

Party Expert

Amazon Style - Best app for delivery estimates on PDP and Checkout. There's a lot of customizations available based on shipping options and carriers, and they have also excellent customer support...

Femme Detox

FENIX has changed the game for our brand's customer experience. FENIX instantly increased our conversion rate since we now display transparent, accurate shipping times. We also have now been able....

Giant Outdoor Chess

We've been thrilled with the effectiveness and accuracy of Fenix's projected arrival dates for our customer's orders. The app is effective for both Freight and Parcel Services. We recommend you give Fenix a try..


It took a little while to fully integrate this app with our tech stack, but it was worth it. We've seen a significant uptick in conversion rate with new users since installing it..

William Painter

Fenix has been a great partner! Every time we have a question they get back to us immediately and also make sure we understand everything completely...

Tubby Todd Bath Co.

Fenix has been a great add to our site thus far. We changed a few different things at the same time and so it's tough to tell how much of our improved conversion might be attributable to Fenix....

Knifewear - Handcrafted Japane

We installed Fenix Commerce late last year and the team was amazing at getting us set up fast during the Christmas period and helping us mitigate support tickets....

Baloo Living

We originally added Fenix because of the functionality of giving customers a smarter ETA for their orders and having more control over our expedited shipping offerings. However, one of the....

Charge Bikes

The Fenix application is a great addition to our sites for providing delivery estimates on PDP and Checkout pages. We needed a way to give customers an estimated shipping date and this app does exactly that...

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