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Fenix Multi-Carrier
Parcel Management

FenixCommerce provides most innovative multi-carrier parcel shipping software to streamline logistics for all eCommerce businesses, improving customer experience while reducing shipping spend

Save up to 10-25% on shipping costs
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Comprehensive Solution to Automate Decisions and Reduce Cost

1. Configure Shipping

Pre-Integrated with 100s of Global Carriers

Single API to integrate - scalable, composable

Out-of-the-Box Shipping Rules Management

2. Automate Execution

AI-Powered Ship Cost Optimization

Intelligent Order Routing Across Network

High-Speed Label Printing and Shipping Documents

3. Improve Experience

Accurate & Early Estimated Delivery Dates

Post Purchase Branded Delivery Notifications

Shipping Control Tower -Monitoring & Simulation

Automate Shipping
Decisions at Every Step
FenixCommerce’s carrier agnostic parcel rate shopping can be implemented at any step in the customer journey, unlocking shipping cost benefits without sacrificing customer experience.

eCommerce Checkout

Warehouse Fulfillment Planning

Shipment Label Printing at Fulfillment

Returns Label Generation

The FenixCommerce Advantage
Let’s Connect on Solutions for
your Multi-Carrier Strategy
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The FenixCommerce team is committed to partnering with retailers and brands to achieve clear results and ROI with our delivery management technology —

from the strategic level to the warehouse operations level, and all the way down to the individual order level.
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  • What is Multi-Carrier Parcel Management?

    It's a comprehensive solution designed to streamline logistics for eCommerce businesses, optimizing carrier selection to improve customer experiences and reduce shipping costs.

  • How does Multi-Carrier Parcel Management reduce shipping costs?

    It saves businesses up to 10-25% on shipping costs through AI-powered ship cost optimization, intelligent order routing, and efficient label printing.

  • What features does Multi-Carrier Parcel Management offer?

    Features include pre-integration with hundreds of global carriers, out-of-the-box shipping rules management, accurate and early estimated delivery dates, and post-purchase branded delivery notifications.

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