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Estimated Delivery Dates (EDD)

FenixCommerce Estimated Delivery Dates (EDD) allows retailers to provide a superior pre-purchase customer experience by displaying accurate and personalized estimated delivery dates on Product, Cart, and Checkout pages

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92% of customers online say that knowing their order will arrive by the promised delivery date is one of the biggest factors influencing their buying decisions. 90% also expect 2-3 day delivery timelines. You're already losing customers if you’re still providing vague and unclear delivery timelines.

FenixCommerce platform provides an intelligent automated solution that optimizes delivery dates and shipping options based on real-time customer info, inventory levels, fulfillment locations, product parameters, and carrier contracts.

With Fenix, you can now calculate and display optimized delivery dates with top-level accuracy on any relevant page-search results, product, cart, and checkout.

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EDD Benefits for Retailers and Shoppers

FenixCommerce DOS is the operations brain of retail brands, stepping in at the very core of delivery & order operations to introduce opportunity and optimization. Our solution unifies supply chain systems and accelerates growth for retailers, enabling them to provide a superior pre & post-purchase experience to shoppers.

Eliminate doubt and uncertainty from the customer journey
Display accurate EDDs that give shoppers assured delivery promises, build customer trust in your brand, and fuel repeat sales.
Personalize the shipping experience
Offer multiple shipping and pick-up options that are tailored to the shopper based on their location, your inventory levels, fulfillment locations, product parameters, and carrier contracts.
Increase revenue from    shipping
Display optimized date-specific delivery options that help you save on your shipping costs and turn shipping from a cost-center to a profit-center, meaning that Fenix typically pays for itself from day one.
Reduce cart abandonment with personalized options
Provide a range of delivery options like Standard Shipping, Free Shipping, Curbside Pickup, Same Day Delivery, Express Delivery, and Expedited Delivery at different price points, personalized for each customer.

Real-World Results


Ecommerce Conversion Improvement


Reduction in Cart Abandonment


Incremental Shipping Revenue


Reduction in Customer Contacts

Pre-Purchase Core Components

Supoorts major ecommerce platforms
pre integrated carriers
real time carrier rate shopping
optimized fulfillment and delivery

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