Want to Reduce CAC? Focus on Retention
In the world of e-commerce, customer acquisition cost (CAC) is a crucial metric that determines the effectiveness of marketing and sales strategies. However, reducing CAC is not the only way to improve profitability and achieve sustainable growth. Retaining customers and building brand loyalty is equally important, and the delivery experience…
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Delivery Transparency: What Does Estimated Delivery Mean?
As an e-commerce brand, your ability to deliver orders on time and with clear communication can make or break customer experience. Shipping metrics such as ship date, delivery date, and estimated delivery date are crucial components of this experience. But what do they mean, and how do they affect your…
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Navigating Rising CAC: Where Shipping Optimization Gives an Edge
E-commerce has become the dominant force in the retail world over the last decade. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, online shopping has surged even more quickly, with customers flocking to e-commerce sites for everything from groceries to luxury items and for online Retailers, driving down customer acquisition costs (CAC). However, in…
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Optimizing Multi-Carrier Parcel Rate Shopping Through Shipping Automation
The world of e-commerce is evolving faster than ever, and brands need to adapt to remain competitive. One of the biggest challenges facing e-commerce brands is the complexity of shipping. With so many carriers, rates, delivery times, and regulations to consider, managing the shipping process can be time-consuming, frustrating, and…
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The Tipping point of using 3PL’s
Dermalogica’s logistics director discusses how to think about a 3PL transition  “Any business has its risks. But getting your products into customers’ hands faster has never made less money.” It’s clear, in 2023, that rising costs and supply-chain issues are part of a new reality. Shipping has not avoided the…
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How To Create An eCommerce Checkout Experience That Boosts Conversions
Congratulations! You’ve finally been able to design and optimize a pre-purchase shopping experience that’s driving loads of customers to your cart checkout page. Your eCommerce checkout is where the money is and a great opportunity to collect valuable customer data. This is your make-it-or-break-it moment and you have just one…
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How to Design an Irresistible Website Product Page That Drives Sales
Let’s face it! Your website product page design is arguably one of the biggest factors on which customers will hinge their decision-making. The evidence is there to prove it. Its entire layout and content are what will either compel visitors to add the product to their cart or lead them…
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How to Plan and Deliver a Superior Pre-Purchase Customer Experience in eCommerce
The overall experience you provide to customers in your eCommerce business is simply a summation of the different stages that they must get through in their journey with you. The pre-purchase phase is one of such crucial stages and will most likely be at the forefront when planning out the…
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Tips and tricks for eCommerce conversion rate optimization
Ecommerce conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of improving your website's performance and making it more appealing to potential customers. The goal is to increase your profits by making sure as many people who visit your site will buy something from it. This doesn't mean that eCommerce businesses have…
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Anatomy of a FenixCommerce Branded Tracking Page
Customer engagement after the sale is more important than ever. A personalized post-purchase experience can empower retailers and direct-to-consumer eCommerce businesses to convert today's buyers into loyal, repeat customers. Branded Tracking Pages powered by FenixCommere give you the opportunity to add more value to your customers' shopping experiences, create a…
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