Conversion Rate Optimization - Zeroing Out Cart Abandonment Effects
If there's any key lesson we've learned about the e-commerce industry, it’s that you can get a faster ROI high without having to launch campaigns on too many marketing channels. That’s possible because of conversion rate optimization.  Many e-commerce retailers today see the shopping cart as the point where the…
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Multiple Shipping Options are Required for Retailers – Why and How?
E-commerce retailers know that the success of their business depends on their ability to get orders delivered to customers. In simple terms, shipping is the make-it-or-break-it factor for e-stores. More consumers are now taking to the internet to find products that they would otherwise obtain at physical stores. So it's…
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How eCommerce Brands Can Use Logistics to Remedy Cart Abandonment
With the influx of more businesses into the eCommerce industry, cart abandonment is on the high side. So it's not surprising to discover that almost 70% of visitors are abandoning their carts. That translates to huge losses in marketing expenses, as well as lower conversion rates arising from an ever-reducing…
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Package Tracking Redefined: The New Way to Reduce WISMO Calls
Here’s what most businesses do. They launch some of the best marketing campaigns across different channels. PR, social media, SEO, and paid search are all in place for their eCommerce business but they ignore one important element - Package Tracking And not too long after, they begin to see great…
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Package Tracking: An Innovative Way to Improved Customer Conversion
“If you’re competitor-focused, you have to wait until there is a competitor doing something. Being customer-focused allows you to be more pioneering.” – Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon As an eCommerce business, your principal focus should rest on the kind of shopping experience you’re creating for customers. That’s because how…
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The role of branded order tracking strategy in eCommerce sales boost
Today, it's so easy to start an eCommerce store by providing accurate order tracking details, especially after the inception of popular stores like Shopify and WooCommerce.  Configure carrier/shipping selection Making money online is real and having an e-commerce store is one of the ideal ways to kickstart your entrepreneurial career. …
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Are You Keeping Your eCommerce Delivery Promises To Your Customers?
Consumers today have very demanding expectations when it comes to how fast they want their orders delivered. They also expect high-level accuracy and transparency with their deliveries. And it doesn’t help that brands like Walmart and Amazon are piling the pressure on other retailers to innovate and come up with…
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E-commerce Shipping and Fulfillment: A Complete Guide (2022)
So you've invested your energy and expertise to deliver a great experience to your customers.  You set up a nice image, tweaked your store, and created a compelling sales copy - to satisfy your customers.  However, on the flip side, the e-commerce shipping process can make you feel like you're…
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Does free shipping increase sales in online e-commerce businesses?
Many online retailers offer free shipping as a competitive necessity. Although free shipping is not free, there are some sales benefits to them.   When top e-commerce stores like Amazon introduced the idea of free shipping, it was never a sensible idea for small businesses to follow suit.  However, over the…
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How to Stay on Top of Delivery Dates and Shipping Times
The eCommerce industry has always had its fair share of challenges, mostly involving shipping delays and supply chain issues. But while such problems continue to escalate, customers still have sky-high expectations regarding how quickly they want online stores to deliver their orders. 92% of customers online show that knowing their…
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