How the “Friday” of Black Friday/Cyber Monday is Changing

Introduction Despite the numerous changes in the world during 2020, the realm of online shopping and the need to meet customer expectations and demands regarding fast shipping & delivery hasn't changed, but rather has just increased. In closing out Black Friday/ Cyber Monday, let's take a step back, and examine the differences in client performance […]

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The Top 7 Ways You Can Prepare Your eCommerce Store For The Holidays

The holidays can be the make it or break it factor for eCommerce store owners. Whether it's a great deal or quick shipping, customers are looking for everything these days. The holiday season can be a stressful time for eCommerce store businesses, so they need to be prepared. Make sure your eCommerce store is well […]

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2021 Holiday Season Brand Offers

GRAYL Did you forget to add on that purifier when doing your last-minute holiday season shopping? Well, don't worry, because Grayl has got you covered. Our partner, Grayl is currently offering many promotions during this merry season. Not only is there a 20% discount off of their 24oz Geo Press Purifier, but they have a […]

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Unexplored Shopping Cart Abandonment Reasons and Solution

Cart, or basket, abandonment is consistently one of the biggest pain points of online retailers. It's time to take this problem more seriously, otherwise, your sales numbers may only be one-third of what they might be.  According to Baymard Institute’s 2019 study, the average documented online shopping cart abandonment rate is 69%. That means on […]

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The Importance Of Estimated Delivery Dates With Fenix Commerce

For many online customers, the time frame when a package can be shipped and delivered can be the make it or break factor between a conversion or an abandoned cart. In today's marketplace, online shoppers are increasingly demanding not just affordable shipping rates, but also faster options. That's exactly why we realize the importance of […]

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Supercharge Customer Retention With Branded Order Tracking Experiences

Did you know after receiving order tracking details online shoppers track their orders 6-8 times before delivery? Can you believe shipping confirmation emails have one of the highest engagement rates?  Seriously! It's true. According to a Convey survey, 99% of consumers expect communication from retailers in the post-purchase phase, which is the most anxious stage […]

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Convert Shoppers Into Customers With Multiple Delivery Options

Fenix has seen a steady eCommerce growth which is something merchants have been anticipating for years. However, in a completely unforeseen way, the COVID-19 pandemic has fast-tracked eCommerce growth, enabling 10 years of eCommerce growth in just three months, during the first half of 2020. Ecommerce demand continued even in 2021, with sales growth up […]

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The Ultimate Encouraging eCommerce Holiday Checklist

The holiday season is currently in process, however, there's still enough time left to gear up your site to maximize orders and conversions!  This holiday season, shoppers will purchase items online more than ever before in history! Just this year alone, eCommerce companies within North America are projected to generate over $900 billion in sales […]

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How Retailers Can Stay Ahead Of The Competition With Estimated Delivery Dates

To reduce the uncertainty of the delivery & compete effectively in the eCommerce world, retailers are increasingly expected to offer transparency in delivery dates.      More often, companies provide standard shipping times; but they're not very helpful in figuring out when the item will be delivered. It’s difficult for shoppers to go ahead with the purchase […]

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AI-Powered eCom Delivery System: Increase Conversion Upto 87%

A recent study by KPMG was largely based on an online survey of 18,430 consumers living in 50 different countries. The purpose of this study is to provide retail companies with global insights into customer behaviors and preferences (Ai-powered). The study concluded that over 23% of millennials prefer to shop in-stores instead of online. Most […]

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