Learn about Fenix’s Multi-Carrier Parcel Management Simulator and how to save 10%-25% on shipping costs


FenixCommerce Helps Dermalogica Increase Conversion +19% and Virtually Eliminate Split-Shipments
FenixCommerce helps Dermalogica increase conversion and since launch have virtually eliminated split-shipments, driving impact to their eCommerce business within weeks of deploying the Fenix platform.  Dermalogica improved its conversion by 19% in the first 30 days of deploying FenixCommerce’s Order Experience platform, displaying delivery dates on Product Description, Cart, and…
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Latest Post-Purchase Product Updates in FenixCommerce Platform
The FenixCommerce post-purchase module is updated with exciting new enhancements to the Branded Tracking pages and Order Status notifications that will empower retailers to turbocharge their delivery experience. Read on! Feature: Enhanced Branded Tracking Page attributes Product Category: Branded Tracking Pages Benefit: Keep customers engaged with robust shipment tracking and…
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Latest Pre-Purchase Product Updates in FenixCommerce Platform
The FenixCommerce pre-purchase module has been enhanced with numerous feature improvements and new component additions to enable eCommerce businesses to create the perfect shopping experience and achieve excellent results. Feature: Fenix Free subscription program for Shopify merchants Product Category: New Service Offering Benefit: Start using FenixCommerce EDDs and rate shopping…
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Are You Doing True Carrier Rate Shopping? - Investigating the Status Quo
Providing your customers with an experience they won’t forget in a hurry is the secret sauce that converts them into loyal repeat buyers. But creating that superior experience requires you to first get it right with shipping and delivery.  Your ability to deliver in a way that matches customer expectations…
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Carrier Rate Shopping for Retailers in 2022 - The Why
eCommerce businesses today have put in much effort to map out what they think is their best approach to order management and fulfillment.  But with consumers now expecting cheaper, faster, and timely deliveries, most retailers are still not sure about how best to evolve and match those expectations. This raises…
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At FenixCommerce we believe in partnering with our clients. We also believe in our product and its ability to deliver a superior customer experience and drive profit for our clients.  We also know that vendors should do more for their clients. Why should we be rewarded just for implementation? We…
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Carrier Rate Shopping - Why Retailers Are Choosing FenixCommerce (Part 2)
Supply chain leaders and retailers face one of the biggest challenges in managing shipping and delivery costs. Thankfully, automated technology like the Fenix Carrier Optimization platform is actively helping eCommerce brands leverage multi-carrier rate shopping to drastically cut down shipping and fulfillment spending. By implementing carrier rate shopping, you adopt…
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Carrier Rate Shopping - Why Retailers Are Choosing FenixCommerce (Part 1)
With shoppers now demanding shorter delivery timelines (same day or next day) and free or low-cost shipping, so much pressure is being piled on merchants and DTC brands to reinvent their delivery logistics to match consumer expectations.  But due to the rising costs associated with shipping, retail operations teams are…
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4 Key Amazon eCommerce Lessons for Retailers - Part 2
There’s so much to learn from Amazon that we could write an entire book on valuable eCommerce nuggets for online sellers based on how this retail heavyweight has conducted its operations over the years.  In part one of this two-part series on key Amazon eCommerce lessons for retailers in 2022,…
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4 Key Amazon eCommerce Lessons for Retailers - Part 1
“We’ve had three big ideas at Amazon that we’ve stuck with for 18 years, and they’re the reason we’re successful: Put the customer first. Invent. And be patient.”  - Jeff Bezos Who hasn’t heard of Amazon eCommerce?  Amazon began its journey in 1994 but has since risen to become a…
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