Accurate Delivery Date Estimates Are Hard.

#1 in our 3-post series That's why most eCommerce sites don't do them--or don't do them right. In this post we'll take a look at why accurately estimating delivery dates is so hard, and what you actually need to do to estimate an accurate delivery date. Why So Hard? Explaining why it's so hard is […]

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How Loading Speeds Impact eCommerce Conversion Rates

[Editor's note: This week’s post comes from Robert Rand, Director of Partnerships & Alliances at our partner JetRails. JetRails provides fully-managed hosting solutions for rapidly growing and well-established brands.]  Consumer expectations of website features and performance continue to evolve. This evolution is continuing in tandem with both changes in the devices that shoppers use most […]

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The 2019 eCommerce Holiday Season Sales and Revenue Stats Are In!

I don't wanna brag, but here at FenixCommerce marketing, we have cool jobs. Not only do we get to help eCommerce sellers understand the huge potential to improve conversion (and a bunch of other eCommerce business metrics) by optimizing their delivery experience - we get to actually see the results when they do. And for […]

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Top Trends from the 2020 NRF Big Show

The annual NRF Big Show has come and gone! Our Founder and CEO Akhilesh Srivastava flew out this week from our San Jose headquarters to join over 40,000 retail professionals from 100 countries in taking over NYC. Building on his insights from the show we picked out 6 Top Retail Trends for 2020 that really […]

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Create Your Own Amazon Delivery Experience

Be Your Own ‘Amazon’ FenixCommerce, the leading intelligent delivery platform, offers an Amazon-like shopping experience by providing accurate delivery dates & delivery options across the shopper’s purchase journey. By leveraging the data that already flows through your eCommerce platform, Fenix uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to calculate and display the most accurate, cost-optimized order […]

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The Deadlines Are Coming!

Is there really still time to optimize my holiday shipping? I know, I know, you are too busy processing BFCM orders to worry about what'll be happening over the next 19 days. But hear me out. While holiday shipping deadlines start arriving on Monday, you still have time to optimize your shipping options to get […]

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Retailers Must Evolve with Changing Shopping Habits

As per recently released NRF analysis for holiday 2012 sales, the overall year-over-year sales growth for 2012 topped at 3% compared with 12% for the online channels. Only a handful of leading national retailers like Nordstrom, Macy’s and Gap had a reasonably successful season compared with J.C. Penney, Sears and a majority of others. These […]

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Online Retailers - Time to get Credit for your fulfillment capabilities

According to the latest research report from FedEx/Internet retailer, almost 70% of the online purchases are delivered to customers within 3-4 days, which is great news in itself and retailers should be proud of this. However, when you look at this metric in conjunction with yet another critical metric, which is that about 80% of […]

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Retailers, don't undersell your fulfilment/delivery capabilities

While shopping for an item on one of the leading omni-channel retailer, I was pleasantly surprised and frustrated at the same time. The reason - the retailers in this instance actually showed me the delivery date on the product page (over 80% of the shoppers expect to see delivery date and cost on the product […]

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