How to Improve Customer Experience with Better Shipping Processes
Shipping is a crucial part of the customer experience, but it often gets overlooked. In fact, customers often expect faster shipping times than retailers deliver. Shipping is also one of the biggest factors that determine whether a buyer will purchase from your brand or not. The good news is that…
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Managing Backorders & Preorders with FenixCommerce
Backorders and preorders are essential components of any retailer’s inventory management strategy. They contribute to: Increasing customer satisfactionOrdering the appropriate supply for the demandImproving sales Let’s discuss their differences and how you can manage them in FenixCommerce. What are Backorders? Backorders occur when a customer placed an order for an…
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5 Strategies Every eCommerce Seller Should Know for Cyber Monday
It's estimated that this year's Cyber Monday will bring in $11.2 billion in online sales this year and it's no wonder why: Cyber Monday is a great opportunity for retailers to capture shoppers who are looking to make purchases while they're browsing around at home or work. But with so…
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Retargeting Shoppers with Checkout Abandonment Notifications
What is Checkout Abandonment? When a shopper adds an item(s) to their cart, enters their personal and credit card information in the checkout stage, and then decides not to complete their purchase, this is referred to as checkout abandonment (whether they have an account or as a guest checkout) Why…
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Too Early to Start Thinking About the Holidays?
It’s never too early to think about the holidays. For many brands, the holidays are the busiest time of the year. The holiday cheer and increased spending across the world bring in more revenue and, of course, more challenges, mishaps, and potential headaches for E-Commerce brands. To ensure a cheerful,…
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Drive Omnichannel Sales During the Holidays Using BOPIS
Buy Online, Pick Up In Store (BOPIS) is a fast-growing omnichannel strategy that many retailers are beginning to implement. It has become a sort of lifeline for retailers and is the delivery method of choice for more than 50% of consumers as well. That’s because it is not only swift…
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Holiday Season 2022: How to Manage Shipping Cutoff Dates and Customer Expectations
Holiday shopping is arguably the busiest time of the year for retailers since it is when consumers usually get into a buying frenzy. While the period usually generates an influx of online orders for eCommerce businesses, customers and retailers must deal with a recurring but rather dreadful reality this 2022…
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Estimated Delivery Dates (EDD) FAQs
FenixCommerce Estimated Delivery Dates (EDD) allows retailers to provide a superior pre-purchase customer experience by displaying accurate and personalized estimated delivery dates on Product Detail, Cart, and Checkout pages. Our platform provides an intelligent automated solution that optimizes delivery dates and shipping options based on real-time customer info, inventory levels,…
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eCommerce Shipping Upgrades: The new way to boost conversions and drive repeat business
Shipping Upgrade Rates Are you currently offering shoppers a way to upgrade their chosen shipping method on your online store?  Consider some key statistics from Fenix’s Delivery Operating System which provides some insight into shipping upgrades and customers’ delivery choices: Across the board we see customers upgrading their shipping options…
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Available Shipping Methods By Category-The secret to more revenue
Shipping may just be the most complex aspect of eCommerce fulfillment. It is a key component of the customer experience which is why it requires time and effort to plan. While you can provide a superior shopping experience, it is your shipping process that enables customers to connect with your…
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