Read the latest report about how Delivery Anxiety is affecting eCommerce Conversion rates

Increase Conversions while decreasing Shipping Spend

Client Results Achieved
Increase in conversion with Estimated Delivery Dates
Lower shipping costs with Multi-Carrier Parcel Management
Reduction in split shipmentswith rules-based Order Routing
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Trusted by
Top Retailers
Trusted by Top Retailers

Save More $$ with Multi-Carrier Parcel Management than with 
Volume Quotas 

If you could save more $$ by Advanced Carrier Rate Shopping between National & Regional Carriers for every Cart, instead of being hostage to a Carrier Quota, wouldn’t you?
Let us show you how - while still balancing cost reduction with customer delivery expectations
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Cut Costs and Headaches 
by Optimizing Your Order Routing Rules

Fenix reduces Op Ex and errors by automating the business rule-decisions behind how every Order is routed in your Network, before Fulfillment even starts.
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“The real star so far is Fenix Order Routing by significantly reducing our split shipments, directly impacting our bottom line.”
eCommerce Director, Dermalogica

Communicate Clear 
Delivery Promises: Pre-Purchase to Doorstep

Fenix uses data from millions of orders, real-time events & inventory by location, to calculate highly accurate delivery estimates on PDP, Cart & Checkout

Lift conversion and incentivize shipping upgrades. Reduce your WISMO queries by 75% with branded order tracking & notifications.
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Make Better, Faster Shipping Decisions With Insights You
Can Actually Use.
Fenix’s data suite can free up your Ops team from time-consuming data pulls and tedious analysis for Logistics and Carrier Cost optimization

Analyze complete data weekly - each week - not 3 months after the fact

Deliver Better, Every Step of the Way

Deliver Better, 
Every Step 
of the Way

  1. Pre-purchase EDDs
  2. Shipping options at checkout
  3. Real time carrier rate shopping
  4. Optimized order routing
  5. Post-purchase shipment tracking
  6. Actionable data insights
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