How the “Friday” of Black Friday/Cyber Monday is Changing


Despite the numerous changes in the world during 2020, the realm of online shopping and the need to meet customer expectations and demands regarding fast shipping & delivery hasn't changed, but rather has just increased.

In closing out Black Friday/ Cyber Monday, let's take a step back, and examine the differences in client performance during Black Friday/ Cyber Monday and after. Here we look at the results that our clients had using Estimated Delivery Dates on their product pages in order to provide top of the line shipping and delivery, created by Fenix Commerce

Read more about the importance of Estimated Delivery Dates here.

Black Friday vs Cyber Monday:  Which Day Became More Dominant?

During recent years, Cyber Monday has gained traction and interest with consumers worldwide along with the increase of popularity with online shopping as opposed to the old fashioned brick & mortar stores shopping. 

In terms of numbers of orders, we saw that Cyber Monday proved to take the #1 spot in terms of number of orders, passing Black Friday by 3% with online stores using Fenix Commerce as seen below. This shows us that not only is Black Friday becoming less of a priority for online shoppers but that Cyber Monday’s popularity is actually increasing. 


Brand Growth During Black Friday/ Cyber Monday

In general, an increase in conversion is guaranteed by using Fenix Commerce however Black Friday/ Cyber Monday proved to be no different. Some of our clients had up to 84% year over year increase in order count during Black Friday/ Cyber Monday weekend, but even apart from conversion increases, some clients also wanted to provide an overall different shopping experience for customers as Black Friday/ Cyber Monday approached.

For example, our client, Feetures, wanted to improve conversion with EDD’s and offer more shipping options while reducing shipping costs – using Fenix’s Live Carrier Rate shopping to select less expensive carrier service to achieve the same delivery date expectation. Feeture received a lot of traffic through BFCM, but they weren't the only ones.

Among our clients' categories during BFCM, the Fashion & Apparel industry outperformed most of the rest. As a result, fashion and clothing are in higher demand during the holiday season than at other times.

What A Team Can Do During BFCM

The time during Black Friday & Cyber Monday can be stressful for a lot of business owners and their employees. However, that doesn’t stop the number of orders that are processed, thanks to our product engineering and support team working around the clock to maintain 100% uptime during the peak period.

We processed over seven million requests during the holiday week. On Black Friday, we processed over one million requests. Still concluding that Cyber Monday is in higher demand than ever before.

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