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Extending Estimated Delivery Dates Throughout The Holiday Season

BFCM (Black Friday/Cyber Monday) attracts a lot of media attention, yet it is only the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. These ideas might help you think strategically about seasonal demand peaks so that you can expand all year. Although BFCM has traditionally been recognized as the most profitable weekend of the peak season, for most retailers, it is only the beginning of the holiday season. More than half of holiday shopping is usually completed between Black Friday and Christmas Day.

How BFCM Attracts Last-Minute Shoppers

Last-minute shoppers are more likely to abandon their favorite companies in favor of new merchants that offer convenient features like fast, low-cost shipping and simple returns. Increasing revenue during the Christmas shopping season requires recruiting convenient clients by providing exceptional customer care and speedy delivery. Although these methods are good in attracting last-minute shoppers, retailers stated that delivery promises were the most effective at actually converting clients both short term and long. 

Extending Estimated Delivery Dates Past BFCM

Following BFCM, online businesses struggle to meet shipping demands during the holiday season. It's a pain to accurately deliver orders on time, whether it's because of an influx of purchases or delivery carriers being bombarded with orders.  With companies like Fenix Commerce, you can provide accurate Estimated Delivery Dates to customers when purchasing off of their favorite eCommerce stores even after BFCM and throughout the holidays. So, whether they're doing last-minute shopping or simply want to avoid the shipping hassle, Fenix can accommodate all, even in the most difficult logistical situations. 

Leveraging BFCM Data

One important benefit to the rising digitization of both online sales channels and logistics, as well as fulfillment industries, is access to real-time data, enabling merchants to examine successes and failures and strategize for future growth.

Online shops can make faster shipping and delivery modifications to stay up with current timings and up-to-date data thanks to firms like Fenix, which offer a smooth integration and easy-to-understand data display. The combined real-time data from order fulfillment, inventory counts, and product data provides a better understanding of how to increase margins while providing a great customer buying experience.

Certain warehousing and logistics chains, for example, could be prioritized to reduce shipping costs while also taking advantage of locations with higher order volume, which can cause more conversions. You can also concentrate on what zones you may offer exclusive shipping promotions, such as reduced estimated delivery dates time within guaranteed timeframes, and increase your holiday window with accurate estimated delivery dates. By analyzing this data, you will have the ability to examine real-time numerous factors that may have influenced the effectiveness of your BFCM approach from both a conversion and logistical perspective and decide where to focus your efforts throughout the holiday season.

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