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The role of branded order tracking strategy in eCommerce sales boost

Today, it's so easy to start an eCommerce store by providing accurate order tracking details, especially after the inception of popular stores like Shopify and WooCommerce. 

Configure carrier/shipping selection

Making money online is real and having an e-commerce store is one of the ideal ways to kickstart your entrepreneurial career. 

The thing is, if your dream is to scale your business to huge success, you don't want to rely on an eCommerce store strategy only. 

Learning how to market your product online is key to scaling your business to success. 

Today, we'll discuss an often overlooked aspect of boosting sales-order tracking. 

Here's how to boost your order tracking process, and in turn, your sales. 

Market your shipment tracking process  

Most e-commerce businesses don't provide their customers with the required visibility into their shipping process. The solution is for online stores to identify the selling point of their delivery prices and market it to their customers. 

Gathering customer data like name, package movement, and order tracking info can improve your marketing effort by transferring the data to the email marketing platform of your store for info personalization. 

These additional tips will ensure that you're going the best way. 

Be sure to provide detailed shipment info and update and personalize your messaging. 

Utilize the benefit of your order tracking emails to market your new products and provide links to your product pages. 

Inform your customers to share their messages on social media with the brand's hashtag on the order tracking page of the shipment. 

Provide them with an estimated delivery date so your customers can have peace of mind while reducing support inquiries. 

So with a few tweaks, you can transform your shipment tracking and personalize it to engage your audience intimately. 

Solve real-time order tracking issues with live chats.

The truth is a lot of online customers complain of the lackadaisical attitude of many brands and how they shut off their customer service once you place their order. 

Moreover, today, real-time visibility on orders is one of the factors customers are looking for in an e-commerce store. To resolve this, you need to integrate live chat on your site. 

With this, you can: 

Easily troubleshoot and attend to issues immediately

You can have your customers empowered for self-servicing 

Have critical use data such as pain points, buying patterns, and preferences. Plus, info about what customers are looking for. 

Gain insight into the real user experience. 

Provide solutions to common queries. 

Personal interaction to make customers feel valued. 

Simply put, live chat allows a decent order tracking notification which paves the way for a memorable buying experience while improving brand reputation management pursuit.

Appreciate your customers with small gestures  

Many online shoppers wish that sellers can reward their loyalty with small gestures like providing a personalized product delivery experience. 

Today, a digital store that fails to prioritize personalized delivery may experience a downfall. 

The solution is to implement several personalization strategies such as freebies like free samples in the order tracking email, more importantly for loyal clients. 

This strategy can open up different ways to boost online reputation and the customer experience in the long run. 

Be flexible with how they receive order updates. Allow customers to choose where they'd like to receive notifications. 

Suggest personal products and display honest reviews to boost your upsell strategy. 

Send an appreciation message to your customers to increase customer retention. 

Attract repeat purchases with discounts and impressive offers and utilize the underlying power of Google Analytics.

Many eCommerce site owners usually face issues of cart abandonment, converting leads into purchases, and engagement with current customers. 

In fact, according to data, issues of cart abandonment can cause eCommerce brands to possibly lose up to $18 billion in sales annually. 

Resolving this issue can be as simple as using tools like Google Analytics. 

Google analytics pave the way for marketers to:

Gather info about their customers' surfing and buying behavior, and can help them work out a suitable marketing strategy to close more sales. 

Providing discount codes during order tracking to prevent cart abandonment.

Gather coupon information to supply the CRM software 

Track customers' approach to coupons to understand users' behavior.

Gain insight into where coupons are redeemed.

Which product(s) got the attention of users when using coupons? 

People love it when it's free

But that doesn't make it easier. It's pretty important to target the right people. Hence, using an analytic tool can go a long way in improving how visitors engage with your site and the products you sell. 

Utilize the power of user feedback

Feedbacks are solidly important. One of the mistakes most e-commerce business owners make is not caring about getting feedback from their customers to allow them to know what to continue and what to stop. 

Not keeping track of customer behavior data can be a critical problem as store owners are disabled from improving their customer care. 

Therefore, marketers must implement a working strategy that encourages gathering users' feedback and improve the overall buyer's experience. 

For instance, you can request buyers to rate their shipping experience as a way to know where to improve. 

Customers' testimonial display is a great way of building trust and credibility with customers.  

In addition, you can gather info that relates to topics such as: 

  • Preferred shipping time 
  • Preferred shipping option 
  • Shipping experience 

Overall, users' feedback will assist marketers to know where they lag in shipping and customer experience and resolve issues related to them. 

Final thoughts 

Implementing marketing strategies and engagement with customers can improve order tracking. 

When you improve the after-purchase experience, you have a more competitive benefit through personalized data usage.

Akhilesh Srivastava

Author: Akhilesh Srivastava
Founder and CEO of FenixCommerce

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