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Supercharge Customer Retention With Branded Order Tracking Experiences

Did you know after receiving order tracking details online shoppers track their orders 6-8 times before delivery? Can you believe shipping confirmation emails have one of the highest engagement rates? 

Seriously! It's true.

According to a Convey survey, 99% of consumers expect communication from retailers in the post-purchase phase, which is the most anxious stage in the customer’s journey. During this phase, customers would keep a track of when their orders would be delivered.  So, it's easy to engage such customers with branded order tracking experiences. Merchants should make the most of this opportunity to boost customer retention and generate more sales. 

The importance of branded order tracking in the post-purchase phase

Delivery is the only physical touchpoint in the entire eCommerce customer's journey and therefore it needs to be carefully handled to nurture long-term engagement with customers. However, merchants aren't leveraging this touchpoint optimally and outsourcing shipping services to the carrier partners. 

In the eCommerce world, shipping is still perceived as a third-party job. However, carrier websites may lack the transparency and personalization that modern customers are looking for. Often, a poor delivery experience by carrier partners jeopardizes the business reputation of merchants, which leads to loss of business. Research says that 83% of shoppers won't return after a poor delivery experience. Not only does this turn out to be a missed opportunity, but it also puts them at the risk of high churn rates. 

As acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer, it's important to focus on minimizing churn and increasing customer retention. Therefore, by providing branded order tracking experiences in the post-purchase phase, merchants can enhance customer experience and boost customer retention. 

Ways to offer branded post-purchase experience

Extend your brand visibility in the post-purchase phase with our AI-Powered Shipping & Delivery Software, FenixCommerce. It is your smart solution to offer a superior post-purchase customer experience.

Enhance customer experience and boost retention with features such as brand-consistent order tracking pages, customized offers, and automated shipping alerts.

  • Branded tracking pages: With specially designed branded order tracking pages that feature your brand including your logo, URL, ads, etc., you can offer an immersive on-brand experience to your customers from checkout to delivery.

Instead of redirecting customers to carriers' order tracking pages which are overloaded with their branding, empower your customers to easily track their orders on your own branded tracking pages. It also serves as an opportunity to increase your brand recall value and boost customer loyalty.

  • Customer-centric offers: Turn first-time buyers into repeat customers by up-selling and cross-selling products on the branded tracking pages. Gallup research shows that a fully engaged customer represents 23% more revenue than average. Highly engaged customers tend to buy more, advocate more, and demonstrate more loyalty.

Re-engage customers even in the post-purchase phase by promoting customer-specific offers or discounts on the branded tracking pages. Make your customers feel special and drive more sales.

  • Proactive order tracking updates: Send regular notifications to your customers to proactively update their order status. Keep them informed about critical shipping events, including packages in transit, out for delivery, delivered, etc. through automated and customized Email & SMS alerts.

Provide complete transparency about their order status from the time the order has been placed till it gets delivered. It helps in eliminating buyers' anxiety around delivery and also gaining their trust. 

Besides, when customers actually know when they will receive their orders, they will make themselves available to receive them, and therefore businesses experience fewer failed delivery attempts. Therefore, it's a win-win for both retailers and customers.

The key benefits of offering branded order tracking experiences

The following are a gamut of key benefits of providing customers with unique post-purchase brand tracking experiences: 

  • Extend brand visibility: By allowing customers to track their orders on your branded tracking pages instead of carrier sites, you can promote your brand and extend brand visibility in the post-purchase cycle also. 
  • Drive post-purchase engagement: 87% of customers said real-time order tracking makes their shopping experience more pleasurable. Offering exciting customer-centric offers helps in driving engagement in the post-purchase phase as well, and results in repeat purchases.
  • Reduce anxiety around delivery: By keeping in touch with customers and providing them with timely updates on delivery status, merchants can help to reduce the buyers’ anxiety around delivery. 
  • Build customer loyalty: By being transparent in communicating with the customers and proactively updating them about delivery issues in advance, you can gain their trust, which helps in building brand loyalty and enhancing customer retention.
  • Reduce WISMO calls: By letting customers know in advance about their order delivery status, you can reduce repeated customer inquiries about 'Where is My Order'. With fewer WISMO calls, your customer support team can spend more time resolving product-related issues and up-selling/cross-selling products to the customers.

Happy customers lead to happy business. Provide a unique branded tracking experience for your customers, delight them, and increase their lifetime value!

Still not sure how to address customer order delivery anxiety and improve your post-purchase experience? Let our smart shipping software enable you to offer exceptional brand immersive order tracking experiences, drive more sales through upselling and cross-selling opportunities, and thereby boost your bottom line. Request a free demo today!

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Author: Akhilesh Srivastava
Founder and CEO of FenixCommerce

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