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Latest Pre-Purchase Product Updates in FenixCommerce Platform

The FenixCommerce pre-purchase module has been enhanced with numerous feature improvements and new component additions to enable eCommerce businesses to create the perfect shopping experience and achieve excellent results.

Feature: Fenix Free subscription program for Shopify merchants

Product Category: New Service Offering

Benefit: Start using FenixCommerce EDDs and rate shopping capabilities with no upfront cost.


  • For high order volume Shopify merchants, FenixCommerce offers a free subscription program that allows them to receive all the benefits of Fenix’s Estimated Delivery Dates (EDDs) and Carrier Rate Shopping at zero cost.
  • When the shopper pays with Fenix’s Premium option a portion of that covers the Fenix fees at no cost to the retailer.

Feature: Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SCC) Integration 

Product Category: Estimated Delivery Dates (EDD)

Benefit: Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SCC) customers can uplift conversion by displaying accurate EDDs on Product Detail, Cart, and Checkout pages.


Feature: Buy Online Pickup In-Store (BOPIS) for Shopify and Enterprise customers

Product Category: Buy Online Pickup In-store (BOPIS)

Benefit: Increase online orders and more foot traffic which boosts storefront visibility and higher AOV.


  • Display BOPIS availability on PDP and allow shoppers to opt for free same-day store pickup on checkout.
  • Limit store locations available for BOPIS depending on the shopper’s zip code/geo-location.
  • Ability to confine BOPIS offering to specific products or specific customer groups.

BOPIS experience on Product Detail Page

Ship-to-Delivery Time

BOPIS experience on Checkout Page

BOPIS experience on Checkout Page

Feature: International Shipping on Product Detail and Cart Pages

Product Category: Estimated Delivery Dates (EDD) 

Benefit: Improve conversion for international orders with added EDD placement.


  • Offer an International shipping option with estimated delivery dates on Product Detail and the Cart pages.
  • Earlier, Fenix offered International shipping but that was restricted to the checkout page only. With this enhancement, FenixCommerce can show EDDs for international buyers on the Product Detail Page (PDP) and cart as well.

International Shipping

International Shipping

Feature: Checkout Abandonment Notifications

Product Category: Pre-Purchase Notifications

Benefit: Recover lost sales, increase conversion and revenue by retargeting shoppers.


  • Fenix is now integrated with Attentive and Klaviyo for enabling checkout abandonment SMS and email notifications to shoppers.
  • Checkout abandonment emails can also be sent through the Fenix email engine if you don’t have a Klaviyo account.
  • Retailers can include accurate EDD in the SMS and email notification along with special offers to convert more shoppers.

Checkout Abandonment SMS Notification

Checkout Abandonment Notifications

Feature: A/B Testing and Reporting Framework

Product Category: Pre-Purchase Tools

Benefit: Easily run A/B tests to elevate your shopping experience and increase conversions.


  • Enables Fenix’s existing and new customers to perform A/B testing to measure and compare results.
  • Test group segregation can be done at the session level or zip code level.
  • Variations of the A/B testing can be done on EDDs and ship cost scenarios.

Feature: Shipping revenue analysis for ShipStation customers

Product Category: Reporting & Analytics

Benefit: Increase operational effectiveness by comparing the shipping costs charged to customers vs what carriers actually charged.


  • ShipStation customers using the Fenix EDD solution can now analyze their shipping revenue by comparing the shipping cost paid by customers and the shipping cost paid to carriers.

Feature: New carrier integration

Product Category: Carrier Integrations

Benefit: Update tracking events and send shipment notifications when shipping through Canada Post and DHL eCommerce.


  • End-to-end integration completed with Canada Post and DHL eCommerce.
  • Fenix can now track shipments being shipped through Canada Post and DHL eCommerce.

If you are interested in any of these features, reach out to your Fenix account manager or book a demo with our sales team.

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