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Today’s shoppers are driven by instant gratification and the need for flexibility and choice in how they want their orders fulfilled. They want to be able to shop anywhere and anytime. To meet customers’ need for swift and free delivery, retailers must start combining the ease of online shopping with the speediness of in-store collection.

BOPIS by FenixCommerce is a unique delivery feature that allows you to configure local pickup locations on the checkout and give your online customers the option of picking their order up at a store closest to them.

Also known as “Click-and-Collect”, BOPIS offers you a grand opportunity to drive more foot traffic to your physical stores, increase conversions, and leverage your offline footprint to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.
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BOPIS benefits for customers

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FenixCommerce BOPIS zero shipping costs FenixCommerce BOPIS swift service FenixCommerce BOPIS in-stock guarantee

BOPIS benefits for retailers

FenixCommerce BOPIS benefits

core components & highlights

Supports Major eCommerce PlatformsBOPIS can integrate with all major eCommerce platforms including Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and customized platforms, guaranteeing a seamless launch on your store within days.
Customizable and scalable
Easily customize and deploy BOPIS, and start dynamically displaying the nearest pickup location to shoppers on your checkout page.
Display only a limited number of stores based on the customer’s zip code. Avoid overwhelming your customers with a long list of stores on the product page and checkout.
Order Pickup Notifications
Send out automated SMS notifications or emails to BOPIS customers after their orders have been picked and packed.
Unlimited Storefront Configuration
Configure multiple pickup locations and add as many stores or partners as possible so long as they qualify for in-store pickup.
Seamless Online-Offline Integration
Instantly notify stores about a new BOPIS order with relevant details, including customer name and other product information.

Start offering customers faster local store  
fulfillment with BOPIS

BOPIS is fast becoming mainstream with leading online stores and DTC brands now plugging in. Don't get left behind. Build stronger connections with your customers by providing a faster and cheaper shopping experience. 

Learn how you can integrate your online store and physical stores with BOPIS today and start delighting your customers with the delivery option they've always wanted.

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