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Latest Post-Purchase Product Updates in FenixCommerce Platform

The FenixCommerce post-purchase module is updated with exciting new enhancements to the Branded Tracking pages and Order Status notifications that will empower retailers to turbocharge their delivery experience. Read on!

Feature: Enhanced Branded Tracking Page attributes

Product Category: Branded Tracking Pages

Benefit: Keep customers engaged with robust shipment tracking and delivery notifications


  • Added Tracking no. with a direct link to the carrier tracking page for quick access to the carrier tracking history
  • Added option to add “Rate the Shipping Experience” widget to capture customer feedback about your shipment experience.
  • Added “Get updates about your delivery” widget to allow customers to subscribe to email and SMS notifications.
  • Shoppers can view all shipments of the order from one central access point with the “See Full Order” option.
  • Display the Tracking page link on the order confirmation screen and embed it in order confirmation emails.
  • Fenix will dynamically update the tracking information bar events based on the current delivery status.

Get Updates About Your Delivery

Rate Your Shopping Experience

Multi-Shipment Visibility

Feature: Initiate returns and exchanges from Fenix Branded Tracking pages

Product Category: Returns Management

Benefit: Seamless returns and exchanges from the Tracking page in a single click


  • Fenix is now integrated with Happy Returns to enable shoppers to seamlessly initiate returns from the Fenix branded tracking page.
  • Happy Returns allows the customer to select a shipping method from the below options:
    • Return to Happy Returns Bar
    • Return to retailer store
    • Return via mail

Seamless Returns and Exchanges

Feature: Improved post-purchase email notifications

Product Category: Post-Purchase notifications

Benefit: Build customer trust using proactive branded notifications, whether a shipment is on its way, delayed, or delivered.


  • Fenix now supports sending shipment status email notifications either through Klaviyo or Fenix’s email engine. Retailers can create event-specific email templates and send post-purchase notifications directly through their Klaviyo accounts.
  • Select the events for which you want to notify the buyers and subscribers.
    • Delivery status email notification events:
      • Order Confirmation
      • Shipment Delay
      • Shipment Confirmation
      • Ready to Ship/Label Printed
      • Picked Up By Carrier/Left Warehouse
      • Shipment Exception
      • Shipment Stalled
      • Out for Delivery
      • Delivery Exception
      • Return to Sender
      • Delivered
    • Delivery delay email notification

Post-Purchase notifications through Klaviyo

Feature: Customer appeasement coupons for delayed delivery

Product Category: Post-Purchase notifications

Benefit: Compensate delivery delays with discount coupons to keep customers loyal


  • Compensate shoppers with discount coupon codes in the case of delayed shipments.
  • Appeasement coupons can be added to delivery delay email notifications.
  • The coupons can be used to provide cart value or ship cost discounts to shoppers on their next purchase.

Customer Appeasement Coupons

Feature: Rule-based status notifications for delayed shipments

Product Category: Post-Purchase notifications

Benefit: Reduce WISMO and angry calls from customers by keeping them informed on their package status


  • With this enhancement, Fenix allows you to send shipment delay and stalled shipment event notifications to shoppers.
  • You will be able to configure shipment delay notifications depending on the shipment method selected by the customer during checkout.
  • You can send a shipment stalled notification to the shopper in case there is no activity on the shipment for a certain number of days.

If you are interested in these features, reach out to your Fenix account manager or book a demo with our sales team.

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Author: Akhilesh Srivastava
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