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Package Tracking Redefined: The New Way to Reduce WISMO Calls

Here’s what most businesses do. They launch some of the best marketing campaigns across different channels. PR, social media, SEO, and paid search are all in place for their eCommerce business but they ignore one important element - Package Tracking

And not too long after, they begin to see great results. Through valuable content tailored to their site visitors, they’re able to generate traffic and get leads to check out the product pages. They then woo them with impressive photos of the products and also line up amazing reviews from previous buyers. Next, they offer prospective buyers a promo code that incentivizes them to add the products to their carts and proceed to checkout.

At that point, they introduce a loyalty program and free shipping to close the sale, and it works. It’s a win-win, right? They’ve got a happy new customer, while the customer gets an exciting product that they expect to be delivered at the specified date.

But, a few days later, an angry email drops in the support box. The email is from the once excited customer who’s now asking: “Where is my order!?”

That’s WISMO right there! 

But it doesn’t have to be that way for your business. By applying proactive steps, you can improve the entire tracking package experience and make customers more loyal to your brand. 

What Causes WISMO and How Does It Impact Your Brand?

WISMO is one big scare for many merchants because of the rising pressure from customer expectations. Your customers want to have additional information about their products and package tracking when they validate orders online. And with the proliferation of communication tech today, you’d feel that most businesses would have a system in place to keep customers informed about their packages. 

Unfortunately, many customers still have to deal with failed expectations arising from post-purchase miscommunication. WISMO calls also seem like an unavoidable plague for many retailers because they have next to no control over what happens during the post-purchase phase.

It’s not rocket science. WISMO is a way for customers to vent or try to gain clarity when package updates do not come in. The absence of a package tracking system leaves them confused about their order, so they will most likely make a WISMO call in 3 situations:

  • If there's no way to track their order
  • When they can't ascertain the estimated delivery date
  • When the delivery date is past but they haven’t received the package

In any of these three situations mentioned above, customers will start to get irritated. They’ll wonder when their delivery will arrive. And it usually gets even more frustrating because they can’t tell if something bad happened along the line. 

You don't want to risk raising customers' anxiety because they usually are unable to tell the difference between disruptions in the delivery process versus your brand. Even when the delay results from external factors beyond your control, customers still assume that it is your brand’s fault. 

So keep in mind that if your customer has to make a WISMO call or send in a ticket, it's an indication that you are creating a bad experience for them. Now they might allow you to try to resolve the situation after reaching out, but they will most likely find somewhere else to do their shopping

It doesn't end there. The effect of such a bad customer experience on your brand can be disastrous. Your conversion rate will take a hit and you’ll probably have your brand reputation go from awesome to bad. In a Metapack eCommerce report in 2020, about 37% of shoppers said they wouldn’t buy from a merchant after a bad delivery experience. 

If you’re being barraged with WISMO calls, there’s something you can do about it. Invest in a good package tracking system and start proactively communicating key information like delivery status and shipping updates to your customers. 

Package Tracking for eCommerce Stores - The New Way To Reduce Your WISMO rate

Being precise about delivery dates and giving detailed feedback to buyers through package tracking is the catalyst to reducing your WISMO rate and guaranteeing a smooth post-purchase experience for shoppers.

Information is power! So getting customers involved in the delivery process by giving them timely information before they start demanding it will keep them happy and ensure they don't always have to call support to inquire about their orders.

By introducing tracking package services, you can go on the offensive against WISMO and protect your brand’s reputation. Here are two ways that investing in a smart package tracking system can help reduce WISMO:

1. Proactive support team

A good package tracking software will provide all the necessary data about delivery to your customer service team. Using such data, they can get access to actionable information that’ll help them proactively and swiftly stay on top of possible delivery setbacks which could arise. They’ll then be able to resolve such issues on time. 

With a post-purchase package tracking software like FenixCommerce, you’ll get insights on delivery information and performance across every carrier. You’ll also be able to put in place measures that help in escalation management and solve problems before they impact your customers negatively. 

2. Automated self-service

Package tracking is a self-serving endeavor. That's because you are giving buyers the ability to get hold of important information about their orders as they go through the post-purchase phase. They’ll receive timely updates about their orders, delivery times, and pick-up updates. 

With an artificial intelligence tracking package software like FenixCommerce, you can even create branded tracking pages and messages that carry your logo and brand name. So shoppers can receive branded interactions that keep them immersed in your business until their package arrives. 

Drastically Reduce WISMO Calls Through Branded Order Tracking

Keeping customers in the know early enough about the status of their orders can help you reduce how often they get to call in and ask “Where is my order?”. That way, you will be able to focus on the things that matter in your e-commerce process, such as improving the overall buyer experience and creating better upsell/cross-sell avenues.

With branded package tracking, you’ll kick out WISMO, keep your customers delighted, and nurture them into loyal repeat buyers. 

Get in touch with us to find out how you can use FenixCommerce to solve customer anxiety, create an immersive order tracking experience, and boost your bottom line.

Akhilesh Srivastava

Author: Akhilesh Srivastava
Founder and CEO of FenixCommerce

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