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Top 10 Features for Branded Tracking Pages

Customer engagement after the sale is more important than ever. A personalized post-purchase experience can empower retailers and direct-to-consumer eCommerce businesses to convert today's buyers into loyal, repeat customers.

Branded Tracking Pages powered by FenixCommere give you the opportunity to add more value to your customers' shopping experiences, create a fully branded shopping experience for them, and generate significant revenue by providing stellar post-purchase experiences.

Fenix eliminates the need to manually enter tracking numbers on third-party tracking and carrier websites. You can create brilliant Branded Tracking Pages that are customized with your brand's logo and theme to allow customers to track their shipments in real-time.

In this blog, we will go over the anatomy of Fenix's Branded Tracking Page, which will allow your customers to track their orders at every stage of the delivery process with a single click.

Delivery Status

The delivery status section consists of the following elements:

  • Delivery progress menu bar
  • Delivery date
  • Delivery status
  • Order Number
  • Place on date
  • Tracking Number

All the details will be automatically populated through our Tracking API Response.

Important Updates

Use this section to highlight important updates and information to your shoppers. The message can be easily updated from the Fenix business console.

Track Event History

Customers can view the entire tracking history of their package through this section. You can configure the events that you’d like to track and display to the shoppers.

Order Line Items in the Package

This section displays the order line items and their quantity dispatched in this package. 

Promotional and Marketing Assets

This is a static configuration. You can configure 2 vertical and 1 horizontal digital asset and a promotional youtube video to redirect shoppers back to your website.

Product Recommendations

Personalized promotions and recommendations on branded order tracking pages are a great way to draw attention to your upsell and cross-sell products. Fenix easily integrates with your recommendation engine to retrieve recommended products.

Multi-Shipment View

Shoppers can track different shipments of the same order through the multi-shipments view on the tracking page.

The 'See Full Order' option is automatically enabled if an order has multiple shipments associated with it.

Feedback Rating & Comments

After each order delivery, you can collect your customers' delivery experience ratings and analyze the average customer ratings to enhance your shipping and delivery operations.

These details will be saved in the Fenix data warehouse.

Delivery Status Subscription

Through this section, shoppers can subscribe to get automatic delivery notifications from Fenix via email or SMS. If the order is intended for someone else, they can be kept informed by opting for these notifications.

In case the order has multiple shipments, then the shopper has to subscribe for notifications of each shipment separately.

Initiate Returns

Customers can initiate order returns directly from the tracking page. Fenix has partnered with Happy Returns to create exceptionally convenient return experiences that let customers return and exchange items via their preferred option.

Customers check their tracking notifications 4 to 5 times per order. Each time customers visit your branded order tracking page, it is an opportunity to engage them. Leverage customer obsession with tracking pages by embedding special offers that boost customer engagement, drive sales and reduce WISMO calls.

Join our growing clientele of 75+ leading eCommerce & DTC brands to create a streamlined delivery system that reduces the overall cost of shipping while increasing conversion. 

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Author: Akhilesh Srivastava
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