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Seamless Transition: Migrating from Linc.cx to FenixCommerce for Best-in-Class Customer Shopping Experience


In today's competitive e-commerce landscape, providing an outstanding customer experience is more than a luxury—it's a necessity. Retailers are increasingly turning to sophisticated solutions like FenixCommerce to address critical aspects of the fulfillment process, including estimated delivery dates, proactive post purchase delivery visibility for their customers as well as their own customer support teams so the issues can be addressed before it becomes a concern for their customers. 

Drawing inspiration from the successful adoption of FenixCommerce by industry leaders such as Bombas, Gorjana, GruntStyle, Men's Wearhouse, and Jos A Bank, this expanded guide dives deeper into the process of migrating from platforms like Linc.cx to FenixCommerce. It underscores how such a strategic move not only enhances post-purchase customer experience but also significantly boosts customer loyalty and lifetime value.

1. Evaluate Your Needs:

Understanding the pivotal role of pre and post purchase shopping experience in customer journey is the first step toward transformation. Retail giants have leveraged FenixCommerce to fine-tune their logistics, underscoring the correlation between a transparent fulfillment process and customer loyalty. By meticulously assessing areas for improvement, especially in providing accurate estimated delivery dates as soon as the shoppers land on the website, starting on the product pages, cart and checkout to real-time post-purchase, proactive delivery updates, retailers can lay the groundwork for a strategy that heightens customer satisfaction and cultivates loyalty.

2. Engage with FenixCommerce:

Dialogue with FenixCommerce opens a realm of possibilities for enhancing your online customer journey for eCommerce business. FenixCommerce excels in delivering a suite of solutions including an order management platform that’s purpose built using composable commerce principles, using micro service architecture, tailored to streamline your e-commerce operations, much like it has done for household names in retail. Their platform's capability to integrate seamlessly with existing systems and provide actionable insights into carrier performance positions your brand to offer reliability and transparency, key drivers of customer loyalty and increased LTV.

3. Plan Your Transition:

A smooth transition is crucial for maintaining uninterrupted service and trust with your customer base. FenixCommerce’s expertise, drawn from collaborations with top brands, ensures a hassle-free transition. This step is vital for laying a strong foundation that supports sophisticated order management and fulfillment strategies designed to enhance the overall customer experience.

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4. Customize and Integrate:

FenixCommerce's platform boasts an impressive array of out-of-box integrations with major e-commerce platforms and communication tools, enabling retailers to offer clear estimated delivery dates and proactive delivery notifications. Customizing these features to align with your brand's unique needs can dramatically improve the post-purchase experience, leading to enhanced customer loyalty and a measurable increase in LTV.

5. Train Your Team:

Empowering your team with the knowledge to utilize FenixCommerce effectively ensures that your customers receive the best possible service. Training focused on leveraging the platform's insights into fulfillment performance and carrier reliability can transform your team into customer experience champions, directly influencing repeat business and customer referrals.

6. Launch and Monitor:

The full launch of FenixCommerce marks the beginning of a new era in your e-commerce strategy. Continuous monitoring and optimization based on fulfillment performance and customer feedback has proven to ongoing improvements in service quality, customer experience, and loyalty. This relentless pursuit of excellence is key to building a loyal customer base and increasing LTV. Brands that have undergone this process report not just immediate wins by increasing their eCommerce conversion rate, revenue per session, improved profitability but also long-term gains in customer loyalty, testament to the value of investing in an enhanced customer experience.


Migrating to FenixCommerce represents a strategic investment in your brand's future. By focusing on critical elements such as estimated delivery dates, carrier performance, and overall fulfillment efficiency, retailers can significantly enhance the customer experience. The success stories of Bombas, Gorjana, and other leading brands illustrate the profound impact of such improvements on customer loyalty and lifetime value. In an age where customer expectations are ever-evolving, FenixCommerce offers the tools and insights needed to stay ahead and foster lasting customer relationships.

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Akhilesh Srivastava

Author: Akhilesh Srivastava
Founder and CEO of FenixCommerce

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