Retargeting Shoppers with Checkout Abandonment Notifications

What is Checkout Abandonment?

When a shopper adds an item(s) to their cart, enters their personal and credit card information in the checkout stage, and then decides not to complete their purchase, this is referred to as checkout abandonment (whether they have an account or as a guest checkout)

Why is checkout abandonment a problem for retailers? 

Checkout abandonment is something that eCommerce organizations should pay special attention to in order to uncover any issues that can be solved to give customers a more seamless checkout experience. 

This is one of the aspects of running an online business where identifying and correcting a process step can significantly influence sales.

Sending a checkout abandonment notification with a clear delivery date is helpful in re-engaging cart abandoners and building a relationship with them. By sending abandoned checkout emails and SMS retailers can recover lost sales and increase conversion.

Sending checkout abandonment notifications with FenixCommerce

FenixCommerce has ready integration with popular eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce. Retailers can send checkout abandonment emails and SMS through the Fenix platform. Here are more details on both features.

Checkout Abandonment Email

Retailers can send checkout abandonment emails through the Fenix email engine and Klaviyo email engine. In order to use the Klaviyo email engine, you must have your own Klaviyo account.

Following are the steps that will be followed.

  1. FenixCommerce app needs to be installed on your online store.
  2. You will have to fill out a configuration form.
  3. Our team will configure the checkout abandonment settings and create a Klaviyo template for the event.

If a shopper abandoned a purchase at the checkout, then depending on the checkout abandonment settings a reminder email will send. Fenix inserts the delivery date estimate for items in the cart. An example is shared below.

Checkout Abandonment Email

Checkout Abandonment SMS

FenixCommerce integrates with your eCommerce platform to capture checkout abandonment details.

To activate checkout abandonment SMS you must have an Attentive account. From the Attentive marketplace select the ‘FenixCommerce- Cart Abandonment’ journey trigger as shown below:

Checkout Abandonment SMS
Checkout Abandonment SMS

If a shopper abandoned a purchase at the checkout, then depending on the settings a reminder SMS will be sent. FenixCommerce inserts the delivery date estimate for items in the cart in the SMS notification as shown below.

Checkout Abandonment SMS

Join our growing clientele of 75+ leading eCommerce & DTC brands to create a streamlined delivery system that reduces the overall cost of shipping while increasing conversion. 

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