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FenixCommerce Boosts Dermalogica: +19% Conversion, No Splits

FenixCommerce helps Dermalogica increase conversion and since launch have virtually eliminated split-shipments, driving impact to their eCommerce business within weeks of deploying the Fenix platform. 

Dermalogica improved its conversion by 19% in the first 30 days of deploying FenixCommerce’s Order Experience platform, displaying delivery dates on Product Description, Cart, and Checkout pages. 

 “We knew from prior testing last year that showing customers actual delivery dates would lift conversion and Fenix’s solution does a great job,” said Sandy Johnson, Director of Ecommerce at Dermalogica. “But the real star so far is Fenix Order Routing by significantly reducing our split shipments, directly impacting our customer delivery experience and our bottom line.”

With Fenix Intelligent Order Routing Dermalogica now can route orders with multiple products to the nearest warehouse with all items, helping Dermalogica reduce split-shipments. Two days after launching Fenix split shipments reduced by 66% and after 30 days to 99%. 

“We are very excited by the results Dermalogica is seeing in just a short period of time,” said Akhilesh Srivastava, CEO of Fenix Commerce. “Ultimately a refined order experience for customers and an improved process for routing orders operationally can have a significant impact on any ecommerce business. The results Dermalogica is seeing are not a-typical for merchants we work with, and we are thrilled to help merchants of any size experience these results.”

FenixCommerce is the go-to tool for sellers and customers alike. From conversion rates to inventory to delivery, FenixCommerce is able to assist sellers in almost every area in the sales funnel. Retailers are able to offer different promotions to different customers based on loyalty and returning customers as well. 

Akhilesh Srivastava

Author: Akhilesh Srivastava
Founder and CEO of FenixCommerce

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