Convert Shoppers Into Customers With Multiple Delivery Options

Fenix has seen a steady eCommerce growth which is something merchants have been anticipating for years. However, in a completely unforeseen way, the COVID-19 pandemic has fast-tracked eCommerce growth, enabling 10 years of eCommerce growth in just three months, during the first half of 2020. Ecommerce demand continued even in 2021, with sales growth up by 95% in June 2021 compared to June 2019, according to ROI Revolution's study

Industry experts opine the eCommerce growth trend will continue in the years to come as well. While this seems to be good news for merchants, increasing competition and dwindling customer retention rates are becoming a cause of concern for many. In an increasingly crowded eCommerce space, consumer loyalty is hard to gain and even harder to maintain.

In today’s all-delivery economy, the most crucial differentiator to gaining customer trust is the delivery experience.  Offering a range of order delivery options is one of the sure-fire ways to get the delivery right.

Meet your customers’ expectations by offering multiple delivery options

Major eCommerce leaders like Amazon have been driving customer expectations around order delivery. There’s been a paradigm shift in consumer behavior and expectations in recent years. The on-demand economy has brought in a whole new era of customer expectations around speed, cost, and convenience.

Retailers must work towards meeting these growing consumer expectations just to win them over in the first place. Today’s time-pressed consumers expect delivery options that fit directly into their busy lifestyles. It's important to know the facts and figures about how important delivery options are to customers. 

93% of shoppers believe that delivery options are critical to their online shopping experience.

⦁ 50% of shoppers have abandoned their baskets due to unsatisfactory delivery options.

⦁ 70% of shoppers like to buy from retailers who offer more convenient delivery options.

⦁61% of shoppers opted to buy from one retailer over another for better delivery options.

⦁ 47% of shoppers rate free delivery as their number one priority.

⦁ 77% of shoppers expect delivery options to be displayed upfront on the product page.

⦁ 81% of shoppers like to pay more for faster and more convenient delivery options.

The above statistics reveal that if your eCommerce business isn’t offering a variety of delivery options, it could be missing out on many potential customers. Offering multiple delivery options like Standard Shipping, Free Shipping, Curbside Pickup, Same Day Delivery, Express Delivery, and Expedited Delivery helps merchants cater to various needs and expectations of customers.

As per the DHL report, merchants offering express shipping options grow 60% faster than those who only offer standard deferred shipping. Though shoppers expect a wealth of choices when it comes to receiving their orders, several small merchants are struggling to offer order delivery options that are faster, more trustworthy, and affordable. 

Win more customers with Fenix's flexible delivery options

Merchants can easily win more customers and remain competitive in today’s crowded retail space, by partnering with AI-powered shipping & delivery software like FenixCommerce (Fenix). Learn how offering a range of convenient delivery options helps merchants convert their shoppers into customers through the Fenix AI platform.

Reduce cart abandonment with personalized options - Display order delivery options that are personalized for each visitor on your eCommerce store to effectively reduce your cart abandonment rate. Also, providing a choice of delivery options at different; price points helps in lowering cart abandonment rates. 

Improve conversions with real-time rate shopping - Enabling the fastest and most cost-effective shipping options automatically with real-time rate shopping. Also, save on your shipping costs and boost your conversions.

Build customer loyalty with positive delivery experiences - 95% of shoppers say a positive delivery experience would encourage them to shop more with that retailer in the future. Enable a positive order delivery experience to help build customer loyalty and drive repeat sales. 

Differentiate your brand by providing the delivery solutions that are much needed to compete in the world of online shopping. As per Metapack research, 77% of shoppers expect delivery options to be displayed on the product page. Offer convenient order delivery options right from the product page to be highly visible to your shoppers. 

Fenix can help you turn shoppers into customers by offering a superior delivery experience. Get a free demo and integrate with Fenix to see for yourself how offering flexible shipping options help you stay at the top of your delivery experience and improve the overall efficiency of your eCommerce operations. 

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