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Composable Commerce: A Guide to Upgrade Your Shipping APIs With Micro Services Architecture


Navigating the logistics of e-commerce delivery expectations and shipping costs can be daunting for brands and retailers. Many of the retailers have adopted this route, however, direct carrier API integrations, while seemingly straightforward, often become cumbersome to manage and update. 

FenixCommerce offers a powerful alternative with its single point carrier API supporting over 100 global carriers, exemplified by our recent upgrade from SOAP to REST APIs for FedEx, ensuring the most current and efficient carrier data utilization. FenixCommerce APIs are built using micro-services, composable commerce architecture framework that allows retailers to easily upgrade their current tech stack without necessarily ripping out and replacing existing tech stack.

Leadings brands of today like Bombas, Gorjana, Men's Wearhouse, and SwimOutlet leverage FenixCommerce to elevate their customer experience from pre-purchase on their eCommerce site to provide delivery visibility to post-purchase delivery to provide proactive delivery alerts and notifications to their customers eliminating customer contacts and removing a major chunk of painful work for your customer support team, a testament to the solution's efficacy. 

Here are five compelling reasons to consider FenixCommerce for your logistics needs.

1. Simplified Management and Integration

Managing direct integrations with multiple carrier APIs can become an operational nightmare. FenixCommerce simplifies this process with a single API that connects with over 100 global carriers. This streamlined approach allows for easy carrier adjustments without overhauling your integration, focusing your efforts on business growth rather than logistics intricacies.

2. Up-to-Date, Accurate Delivery Estimates

The upgrade from SOAP to REST APIs for FedEx services underscores our commitment to providing timely and accurate tracking information. Direct carrier APIs may falter in delivering up-to-the-minute tracking updates. FenixCommerce bridges this gap, ensuring customers receive reliable delivery estimates, enhancing trust and satisfaction pre and post-purchase.

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3. Reduced Overhead with Increased Operational Efficiency

Direct API integrations require significant resources for development and ongoing maintenance. By consolidating carrier interactions through FenixCommerce, businesses can notably reduce development overhead while streamlining operations, resulting in cost savings and enhanced logistical efficiency.

4. Superior Customer Experience

The core of FenixCommerce's mission is to enhance the online shopping experience. Clients like Bombas and Gorjana have seen substantial improvements in customer satisfaction by providing precise and timely delivery information facilitated by FenixCommerce, directly contributing to increased customer loyalty and repeat business.

5. Scalable Solutions for Growing Brands

E-commerce businesses face evolving logistics challenges as they expand. FenixCommerce's API offers the scalability and flexibility needed to adapt to changing logistics needs and customer expectations. This adaptability is crucial for businesses aiming for growth without the burden of logistics limitations.


The complexities of direct carrier API integrations are a significant hurdle for e-commerce brands aiming to optimize their logistics operations and customer experience. FenixCommerce's single point carrier API emerges as a superior alternative, as evidenced by successful implementations by industry leaders like Men's Wearhouse and SwimOutlet. Offering simplified integration, accurate delivery estimates, operational efficiency, and scalable solutions, FenixCommerce is the partner of choice for e-commerce brands dedicated to excellence in customer service.

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Join the ranks of satisfied clients like Bombas, Gorjana, Men's Wearhouse, and SwimOutlet by integrating FenixCommerce into your e-commerce strategy. Enhance your logistics operations, reduce overhead, and deliver an unmatched customer experience with our comprehensive carrier API solution. Contact us today to discover how FenixCommerce can transform your e-commerce logistics.

Akhilesh Srivastava

Author: Akhilesh Srivastava
Founder and CEO of FenixCommerce

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