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AI-Powered eCom Delivery System: Increase Conversion Upto 87%

A recent study by KPMG was largely based on an online survey of 18,430 consumers living in 50 different countries. The purpose of this study is to provide retail companies with global insights into customer behaviors and preferences (Ai-powered). The study concluded that over 23% of millennials prefer to shop in stores instead of online. Most often, it is because of “delivery”.

Real-time vehicle routing, low delivery times, clear estimated delivery dates, and competitive prices can be determining factors in deciding whether to purchase from a seller or not. Customers, both new and loyal, expect clear and accurate communication, with in-transit communication during last-mile delivery. A surefire way that an online retailer can remain competitive is to continually innovate, become more agile, and be efficient in meeting the growing demand of customer behavior.

Check out how California baby increased conversions by 7% by providing accurate delivery dates for their customers.

Unsatisfactory delivery experiences can cause a lot of problems for online retailers. In today's competitive eCommerce landscape, a great delivery experience is far more than simply sending something by post or courier. It is a chain of events filled with opportunities – some of which you may be missing out on if you don't have delivery value-adds like receiving an estimated delivery date, tracking number, and delivery notifications throughout the journey.

It is therefore important for a retailer to map out a defined fulfillment strategy. 

Since the world of shipping and fulfillment can seem complex when you’re not familiar with it, we’ve referenced some studies that will help you plan out a delivery strategy for your store.

Remember, it can be a huge waste of your marketing dollars to bring traffic to your site, have the customers add the items to their cart, and then let them leave the site due to a lack of personalized delivery options and costs. Such a poor delivery experience can badly damage the reputation of your store and even break your customers’ trust. As a retailer, you need to put in place an advanced eCommerce fulfillment system that gives your shopper a high level of visibility into their orders, said Dave Weiner. 

Dave Weiner - Founder and CEO of Priority Bikes increased conversion by 14% with FenixCommerce, the leading delivery intelligence platform.

After integrating FenixCommerce, Priority Bikes was able to provide accurate delivery options to their shoppers throughout the entire shopping journey and allowed them to take full advantage of their fulfillment and delivery capabilities.

In his interview, Dave said, “I nervously hit ‘launch’ on my first Kickstarter campaign for Priority Bicycles. My nervousness turned out to be unwarranted: within hours the campaign hit its initial goal, and by the time it was over, it had exceeded our goal almost 20-fold.

He added that it's a matter of setting expectations with customers during their shopping journey. The most unfortunate part is that retailers are doing a great job with their first online interaction, but fail to get the credit at the bottom of the funnel - when a customer actually browses the item and makes a purchase decision.

How does an AI-powered delivery system like FenixCommerce increase your website conversion?

Consumers now expect faster and cheaper delivery, with more control over the experience. Effortless order tracking, timely notifications, seamless returns, and 24/7 customer care all play a key role in enhancing a customer’s experience. Leveraging our AI-powered platform can bring a lasting impact to your customer's experience. Our AI-powered delivery system not only saves time and labor costs, but also makes your processes far more effortless, transparent, agile, and efficient for your customer. 

FenixCommerce, the leading AI-powered shipping, and delivery platform is helping retailers to improve their delivery timeline and provide a superior customer experience. Here are some of the benefits of AI-powered FenixCommerce that point to a great future for the on-demand delivery segment.

  • Order Experience: Personalize pick-up and shipping options with clear and accurate delivery options, dates, and costs
  • Order Promotion: Offer shipping or pickup-related promotions based on customer, inventory, or product parameters
  • Order Operations: Optimize fulfillment location and order routing while lowering shipping costs and maintaining fulfillment SLAs
  • Order Tracking: Enable real-time shipment tracking, send timely notifications and provide customer-centric offers

In addition, as a retailer, AI-based delivery options make your job even easier by providing a promotional opportunity to get the customer to do what you want them to do as cheaply as possible.

Akhilesh Srivastava

Author: Akhilesh Srivastava
Founder and CEO of FenixCommerce

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