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3 Key Package Tracking Elements Every eCommerce Retailer Should Have

A subpar post-purchase experience and package tracking system are costing many merchants in different ways. These sellers are losing customers every day and missing out on the additional revenue inflow that should come from repeat purchases. 

Customers today believe that retailers have a lot more work to do in how they implement last-mile delivery solutions and around 60% of shoppers aren’t impressed. And when you look at how Amazon has raised the eCommerce fulfillment bar, the pressure from customer expectations will only continue to increase.

Package tracking is now a must-have for innovative brands but your inability to deliver such service in a robust way will only leave your buyers irritated and dissatisfied. But that’s not all because tracking package problems will also lead to increased costs arising from delays, expenditures on customer service, and the eventual loss of both new and loyal buyers. 

Package Tracking Non-negotiables for Your eCommerce Brand

To make sure you are offering improved package tracking experiences, we will discuss 3 important elements to incorporate into your post-purchase system in 2022.

1. Information accessibility

This is one of the most important elements that every tracking package system should have. You must design your ordering system in a way that makes information readily available and easy to find for customers. While buyers want to know that you have their information, they also want to be able to locate such details seamlessly. And when they can’t, the experience becomes frustrating for them. 

The best way to solve the problem is by designing your package tracking page to be as simplistic as possible. Some businesses are excelling at this already by making sure that they send the buyer a tracking link via email. The package tracking link then redirects the customer to a personalized landing page where they can see all the important information regarding their delivery.

2. Proactive communication

You might have implemented the best package tracking page, but even that may not be enough to satisfy shoppers. They will always have questions because all they are interested in is where their order is. So even if your tracking solution keeps them in control by giving them access to information, you can improve the relationship you have with them by introducing some additional features. 

For instance, consider incorporating features that allow them to see proof of delivery photos. Give them a choice to decide how they want to be updated too. Consider designing your tracking page in a way that allows them to see their interaction history with your brand for every active order. 

By being upfront and proactive in how you communicate, you will keep your customers happy, reduce WISMO calls, and keep your brand from incurring long-term customer service costs. 

3. Unambiguous tracking updates

Although your business is tasked with handling orders and sending out deliveries, customers actually want to be in control. They want to be kept in the know about everything that has to do with their delivery. Is your package tracking system designed to keep them involved and in control? And how exactly should you do that? 

The answer is simple! 93% of buyers want you to send them updates from time to time about their orders. So the best way to keep them in control is to provide them with accurate updates. Another fact to keep in mind is that it's one thing to send them updates, but yet another thing to do so using their desired channel. 

Some customers are okay with receiving updates via text message while others might prefer emails. So it's up to you to find out what your audience prefers when it comes to tracking package updates, and then stick to a channel that is convenient for them. 

Why Are These Tracking Package Elements Important?

As earlier mentioned, package tracking is a non-negotiable feature for every eCommerce business in 2022. It's an integral part of the customer experience, so you want to make sure you’re getting it right. The three elements discussed previously are important for different reasons. Consider some of them below.

Improve communication flow

There’s no other way around it. Your customers want you to be clear and transparent in how you deliver package tracking communication. If your method of communication lacks visibility, many customers will stop doing business with you, as shown by recent data. So make sure you execute your tracking system in a way that provides an immersive, seamless flow of information for them. That will reduce the rate at which they get fed up and start sending in WISMO calls.

Learn more about how to reduce WISMO calls here

Cut down delivery mistakes

The cost of making mistakes with your delivery system is huge and will only hurt your conversion rate and business revenue in the long run. Keep in mind that 84% of customers will do their shopping elsewhere if you give them a mediocre delivery experience. That means you can't afford to make mistakes but you must design an effective and proactive package tracking system in order to reduce the delivery errors that lead to customer churn. 

Drive customer loyalty

Having a package tracking system is cool. However, you want to make sure you are delivering a rich experience that meets customer expectations. So it's not enough to just have a pretty tracking page if it doesn't help the buyer quickly figure out where their order is. Don’t forget that customers need more control, so getting it right with your tracking system helps to foster a long-term relationship built on trust and reliability. 

Use improved track and trace to deliver a satisfying post-purchase experience

With Amazon piling on the pressure, you can’t risk going wrong with your package tracking infrastructure. To do it right, you need to have full oversight of the shipping process and access to key data. 

Save yourself valuable time and resources that would otherwise be spent trying to design your own package tracking system by using a shipment tracking platform that helps you inform and notify your customers of the status of their packages proactively. 

Use the Fenixcommerce Order Tracking Platform, to automate everything about your post-purchase process and send out branded shipping notifications to your shoppers in the form of customized SMS and emails at every key point in the post-purchase phase.

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