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Our story

At FenixCommerce, we believe in helping retailers and DTC brands provide a superior customer delivery experience. Consumer expectations around shipping and delivery are changing and retailers must match those expectations by providing fast, cheap, and on-time delivery or risk losing their customers. To solve this problem, we built a Delivery Operating System (DOS) that utilizes upstream data and AI to optimize shipping operations, costs, and delivery dates and deliver a superior end-to-end customer experience.

What we do

FenixCommerce DOS is the operations brain of retail brands, stepping in at the very core of delivery & order operations to introduce opportunity and optimization. Our solution unifies supply chain systems and accelerates growth for retailers, enabling them to provide a superior pre & post-purchase experience to shoppers.

Customer Experience
Superior pre & post-purchase experience using EDD, shipping & delivery options, promotions, tracking, and customer communication.
Order Management
Turn shipping from a cost center to a profit center by optimizing delivery and order operations across multiple platforms and warehouses.
Carrier Services
Prioritize time and cost while keeping the promise of fast, cheap, and timely delivery.

One platform, three solutions, endless possibilities

Customer Experience
  • Accurate EDDs on Product Detail Page, Cart, and Checkout
  • Personalized options for each order
  • Shipping Promotions
  • Branded Tracking Pages
Order Management
  • Intelligent Order Routing
  • Real - Time Order Allocation
  • Store Inventory Management
  • Manage Pickup & Delivery Options
Carrier Services
  • Optimized Carrier Finder
  • Flat Or Actual Shipping Rates
  • Flexible Carrier Rate Shopping API
  • Supports All Major Shipping Carriers

Fenix DOS

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Fenix integrations

FenixCommerce provides APIs for easy integration and supports all major eCommerce platforms and carriers, making it easy to launch Fenix on your website within days.
Carrier Integration
Carrier Integration
eCommerce Platform Integration
eCommerce Platform Integration

What our clients say


Grayl FenixCommerce client logo
Their support team's ability to customize all aspects of the software so that the user experience is natural and adheres to our brand identity standards was clutch. The integration has been live for 90 days and our conversation rates are at 111% and sales are up 2x. This partnership is proving to be one heck of a success story!
Scott R. | Global Brand Director | Grayl


TB FenixCommerce client logo
We chose Fenix because they have an innovative product, and the most important thing I liked about it is that it is backed up by AI and ML, it’s actually self learning and self improving the algorithm. We typically run any new idea as an experiment, and then we offer it in a segment of our customers, in this case we did a 50/50 test and all KPIs were positive and it’s a good success story.
Chaitanya Pallapothula | CTO | Tailored Brands


Dermalogica FenixCommerce client logo
We knew from prior testing last year that showing customers actual delivery dates would lift conversion and Fenix’s solution does a great job. But the real star so far is Fenix Order Routing by significantly reducing our split shipments, directly impacting our bottom line.
Sandy Johnson | Director of Ecommerce | Dermalogica


TBG FenixCommerce client logo
Fenix was quickly implemented, with excellent customer service before, during, and after we went live. Customers have commented on how much they appreciate the visibility of delivery windows and we’ve seen an increase in our conversation rates as well as increased shipping revenue for paid shipping options.
Alex K. | COO | Tactical Baby Gear

Key Features across all solutions

Unified Data and  Operations Stack

Unified Data and 
Operations Stack

Disparate systems create disparate results. By putting our system on top of the existing operations stack, we are able to unify everything without changing anything.
Quick Integration & Easy Onboarding

Quick Integration &
Easy Onboarding

Set-up in as little as 2 days and start seeing value almost immediately. Our system was designed to remove barriers, integration and onboarding shouldn’t be one either.
AI-Powered Decision Making

AI-Powered Decision

Our system takes all events and data into the decision-making process, improving accuracy of customer-facing information, and optimizing back-end operations.
Customizable and Quick to Update

Customizable and Quick to Update

We can customize and configure the system quickly and easily to fit your entire process. Once integrated, our system is quick to update, removing roadblocks and bottlenecks.

Real-world results


eCommerce Conversion Improvement


Reduction in Split Shipment


Reduction in Cart Abandonment


Incremental Shipping Revenue


Reduction in Customer Contacts

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