eCommerce Order Management Software
Order Management Software
Selectively incentivize purchase using intelligent order promotions
Finally, you can easily, intelligently adjust shipping and pick-up options based on a large range of criteria. The FenixCommerce AI engine can analyze real-time product, cart, inventory, operational, customer, and carrier data to create individually personalized shipping options and costs—including time-sensitive and order-specific promotions.
eCommerce Management Software

Margin-based promotions

Fenix is the only solution in the industry that allows you to offer product-margin-based or cart-margin-based shipping promotions; stop the revenue-based shipping threshold insanity and base your shipping service options on how much you’re actually making on the product or cart!

Use shipping promotions to optimize operations

Use shipping promotions to sell down inventory in certain fulfillment locations, mitigate regional demand spikes, and incentivize the selection of certain shipping options to lower shipping cost or increase shipping revenue.
eCommerce Management Software
Management Software

Infinitely configurable shipping-related promotions

Offer discounted or free shipping at any service level based on customer loyalty, inventory levels, or specific SKUs or categories that are cheaper to ship or that you simply want to sell down.
FenixCommerce provides APIs for easy integration, and supports all major eCommerce platforms, making it easy to launch Fenix on your website within days.
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