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Road ID: 17% Boost in New Customer Conversion with Fenix

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ROAD iD is the category leader in athletic identification gear owning, running, cycling, and triathlon markets. We excel at customer service and manufacture life-saving products that save time in an emergency. ROAD iD provides peace of mind and is the key tool used by first responders. If you cannot speak for yourself, your ROAD iD will speak for you.

Road iD is the premier line of safety identification tags ranging from cyclists and dog walkers to emergency medical responders. Road iD believes a serious product goes hand in hand with deep care for their customers, even in the online delivery experience and promising same-day shipping.

Road iD delivers an amazing product to their current and past customers with very high repeat-visit rates. Yet, in mid-2021, management recognized they could grow their business even more and further spread their goal of safety, by offering an enhanced shipping solution to customers while lowering their over delivery costs.

Mike Trimpe | Road iD

"Integrating Fenix Commerce with our eCommerce tech stack...was well worth it. We've seen a significant uptick in conversion rate with new users since installing it."

Road iD improves eCommerce conversion rates and increases its sales and profitability by delighting its shoppers using Fenix Commerce's enhanced AI shipping and delivery solutions.

In 2022, it’s more important than ever to provide a fast, yet affordable shipping experience for both customers and brands. With big-brand retailers like Amazon and Walmart providing same-day delivery along with a rising cost of shipping nationwide, online retailers are challenged to meet shoppers’ ever-rising delivery expectations.

To provide the best shipping experience for consumers while maintaining profitability, eCommerce retailers must offer a variety of options that include low-cost, fast and predictable delivery. By leveraging modern AI-Shipping and delivery solutions, retailers can also provide an Amazon-like shipping experience and seamlessly increase online conversions.
Road iD choose to partner with Fenix Commerce, a SaaS company providing AI-Shipping and delivery solutions for growing eCommerce brands looking to save shipping costs, while also improving conversions and the post-purchase customer experience. 

With live, AI-based carrier-rate shopping, Fenix Commerce selects the most cost-effective shipping service for each order and updates the order in real-time with this information. By doing this, companies like Road iD can lower shipping costs and benefit from the cost difference.
The A/B Test Created By Road iD
After onboarding the Fenix platform, Road iD wanted to test whether displaying more detailed est delivery date (EDD) & shipping options earlier in the Shopper’s Journey increased conversion. 

So their eCommerce team prepared an A/B Test for their popular Sidekick ID product with two identical Product Detail Pages (PDP). The only difference is one PDP displayed an EDD and shipping options from Fenix Commerce, while the other did not.
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Improving Conversions With Estimated Delivery Dates
After running this A/B test, the Road iD team immediately noticed an incremental conversion lift of 8.46% for shoppers seeing EDD’s for this product. Upon further analysis, they determined the portion of new customers visiting this PDP for the first time had a 17.3% incremental conversion lift!

Mike Trimpe, Ecommerce & Creative Director at Road iD said “existing customers already know we ship fast and have experienced our customer journey before, so there’s [likely] less consternation” by not seeing an EDD. “But new customers landing on the test PDP, were seeing this improved delivery experience for the first time. The results were clear.”

Road iD is extremely pleased with these test results for both new and returning customers and clearly sees the benefit of improving the customer’s delivery experience with Fenix Commerce. As Mike reported “overall, I project this will result in a 23% annual sales lift for this product”. Attributed to Fenix Commerce providing seamless, clear, and accurate delivery dates for customers, so they don’t abandon their carts during checkout or while on the product page – increasing incremental conversion.

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