Personal Prints increases shipping revenue by 45% with FenixCommerce

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Client Story

Founded in 1998 by nationally renowned artist Scott Kennedy, personal prints is a family-owned art publishing company that offers hundreds of personalizable art prints. Each print is one-of-a-kind, custom-personalized by the Personal Prints team of in-house artists according to instructions supplied by the shopper at check-out.

Annual Revenue
$2M to $5M
Not only are we now starting to see the conversion impact of the Fenix platform, but we’ve seen a significant jump in shipping revenue owing to the specific, accurate delivery dates Fenix enables. And the Fenix team is a joy to work with!

Tyler Kennedy,
Co-founder and CEO
Personal Prints

client opportunity

The Personal Prints team works hard to get every order personalized according to the buyer’s instructions and out the door within 2-3 business days. Because their products are often purchased as gifts, and already incur a relatively long lead time, it’s very important to the Personal Prints team to:

  1. Offer their customers the most efficient shipping options possible and
  2. Ensure that accurate delivery dates are being displayed from the moment a customer first looks at a product.
FenixCommerce Solution

Tyler Kennedy, Co-Owner and Marketing Director of Personal Prints, learned about the FenixCommerce from other clients on social media, connected with our CEO in January 2019 and was live within a month. Personal Prints is using Fenix to:

  • Provide inventory visibility into all shipping locations

  • Calculate accurate delivery dates and costs for their customized products based on configurable fulfillment parameters and real-time carrier information

  • Display the fastest estimate on the Product Page, lowest cost estimate in Cart, and all options in Checkout

  • Offer an upgraded, date-specific “priority” option that brings in an incremental $2.95 per order for the 21% of orders where it’s selected

Increase conversion by up to 14% by displaying accurate delivery and pick-up information

Personalize shopper pick up and shipping options with clear and accurate delivery options, dates, and costs

Improve your Conversions with FenixCommerce from day 1, Guaranteed!
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71% of eCommerce retailers surveyed saw their businesses grow as a result of COVID-19

The report talks about four areas you can focus on in order to provide a better customer experience, improve conversion, and stick to your shipping budget–even if you can’t give every shopper “fast and free” shipping.

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