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Grunt Style Increases Conversion and Drives Shipping Upgrades

Increase in Conversion


Increase in Shipping Upgrades
In 2009, with only $1,200 in his pocket, a former Army Drill Sergeant proudly started Grunt Style. As one of the most powerful and charitable post 9/11 Veteran owned companies in the United States, Grunt Style was born in Fort Benning, Georgia. Driven by its vision and values, Grunt Style has quickly become the essence of patriotism among brands of a growing market. Every Grunt Style product is designed to infuse the “fighting American Spirit,” with an iconic cross rifles logo stating “this we’ll defend”. More than apparel, Grunt Style is an expression of pride in American people.

Grunt Style’s vision reflects vividly in their product and their business strategies. Started by selling from a kiosk, the will to succeed expanded Grunt Style to eCommerce where every product they sell is backed by the Beer Guarantee. The confidence in the product quality was developed from a simple rule of thumb, “test everything” which equally applies to their business strategies.

Chris Cavalline | SVP of eCommerce

We are very pleased with the results that we are experiencing with FenixCommerce. Adding the EDD and A/B testing functions and other capabilities has provided meaningful improvements to both our Customer Experience and operating performance.

In eCommerce, growth comes from a superior customer experience. Grunt Style, recognizing this, looked for solutions to continue to improve their customer experience.  In order to help reach their growth goals, Grunt Style partnered with FenixCommerce, recognizing that Fenix showed the same attitude towards technology for testing its functionality that they do for testing their products. 

Fenix commerce is an AI technology focused around creating a superior customer experience, by providing technology solutions that provide shipping transparency to the customer and  of growth for the eCommerce brands. Fenix’s machine learning algorithm refines the variables associated with logistics into a simplified single line output, an estimated delivery date(EDD).

Fenix's accurate EDD provides transparency to shipping costs and timelines earlier in the buyer’s journey, however, GruntStyle put it to test. During the phase of AB testing GruntStyle displayed estimated delivery date on their PDP to monitor the conversion impact of providing such a customer experience.

Demonstrated through A/B testing, FenixCommerce helped Grunt Style capture new customers at a higher rate. Within the first 30 days of their A/B test Grunt Style saw an over 6% decrease in Cart Abandonment, directly correlated to the display of accurate EDD and pricing earlier in the funnel. In addition, Grunt Style saw an overall 20% conversion lift when the Fenix Powered EDDs were displayed.

Growing further with the team
Fenix has a bundle of features designed for ecommerce growth. It allows the retailer to be in control to create and modify the customer’s shipping experience through a simplified control center, FenixCommerce Business Console. Starting from active carriers to fulfillment locations and inventory levels to product level data, Fenix Business Console has eyes over all, giving a retailer the freedom to offer multiple shipping services to a customer with live rates where there is an opportunity to make shipping revenue.

Driving Shipping upgrades with Fenix Business Console
Grunt Syle, impressed with the Fenix EDDs performance and equipped with the Fenix business console, stepped forward to test another feature, upgraded shipping service offerings at the checkout. The results showed that customers opted for an upgraded shipping service with EDDs increased when EDDs were not shown on lower shipping options. Starting from January to May, Gruntstyle witnessed an 89% increase in the customers opting for upgraded shipping.

FenixCommerce, tested to meet the Grunt Style’s exacting standards, delivered on its promise for a premium customer experience, driving significant growth. With the utilization of the Fenix Business Console and EDDs combined, GruntStyle benefited by a 6.5% decrease in cart abandonment, a 20% increase in conversion, and an 89% increase in shipping upgrades, setting itself for success to influence every patriot in America.

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