Chess House reduces WISMO calls more than 75% with FenixCommerce

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Client Story

Starting with a single box of books, the teen Neff brothers began supplying chess-related products to friends in the early 90’s. In the decades since they have continued to grow Chess House with a passion for the game–and for exceeding their customer’s service expectations.

Chess House has become the online shopper’s favorite source for chess board games, helping thousands of customers learn or improve their game and make great memories at home or wherever they want to share the game.

Annual Revenue
$2M to $5M

FenixCommerce provides customers with helpful, accurate expectations around delivery with optimized shipping options that up until now were only available from the biggest players in eCommerce. It’s more advanced and intelligent than other apps. I’ve searched offerings extensively and most of them do one or two things really well. But FenixCommerce provides a holistic functionality really harnessing your data-points more effectively. This optimizes your cost savings and improves clarity of the shipping options offered.

I have been in eCommerce for 20 years and have never seen an app that benefits both the shopper and the seller as positively as FenixCommerce.

Raphael Neff,
Owner and CEO
Chess House

client opportunity

With a commitment to excellence, innovation, and doing the right thing embedded in Chess House’s values, the company was seeking a way to serve its customers better by giving them more relevant information where they sought it.

In the Order Experience Platform’s ability to provide transparency around estimated delivery dates on the product, cart, and checkout pages, they saw an ideal way to work toward achieving this goal, since many of their customers bought chess sets as gifts and wanted to feel confident that the order would arrive in time for the gift occasion. Also–always looking to grow the business–Chess House was intrigued by the OEP’s impact on growth metrics.

FenixCommerce Solution

Chess House was our first client implementation, going live on July 12, 2018, and we are eternally grateful to them for the opportunity to help them better serve their customers. Chess House has eagerly adopted—and in many cases helped us beta-test—new FenixCommerce features, and the site has evolved to leverage the entire suite of OEP capabilities, including:

  • Inventory visibility into all fulfillment locations
  • Multiple shipping options accessible via popup directly from the Product Page—our first client to implement this feature!
  • Shipping services optimized based on inventory/customer locations—using lower cost services to provide Express and Expedited delivery to zones where possible
  • A date-specific standard option that provides an incremental $7 revenue on the 12% of ground shipments where it’s chosen over free shipping

Increase conversion by up to 14% by displaying accurate delivery and pick-up information

Personalize shopper pick up and shipping options with clear and accurate delivery options, dates, and costs

Improve your Conversions with FenixCommerce from day 1, Guaranteed!
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71% of eCommerce retailers surveyed saw their businesses grow as a result of COVID-19

The report talks about four areas you can focus on in order to provide a better customer experience, improve conversion, and stick to your shipping budget–even if you can’t give every shopper “fast and free” shipping.

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