Upgrade Your Order Management System to Thrive During Unprecedented Times

With the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting supply chains across the globe, there is a renewed focus on order management systems as essential components of a company’s fulfillment processes, as well as a successful customer experience. Studies show that an intelligent and accurate order management system (OMS) has helped organizations avoid supply chain disruption and run their operations smoothly. One of the critical lessons that businesses have learned from this pandemic is the ability to adapt during tough times.


The primary goal of each business is to meet and exceed customer expectations by fulfilling orders even against extra demand. Most companies follow at least one rules-based manual approach based on proximity to fulfill their consumer orders. But, having an accurate OMS can benefit both businesses and customers. This is why investing in an effective OMS is essential for companies to improve their order fulfillment processes and serve their customers more effectively in the end.


An OMS is an important segment for eCommerce businesses that enables business administrators to provide more reliable and better service to their customers. The primary purpose of having an effective OMS is to streamline your order fulfillment processes by proactively tracking and monitoring your customers’ orders, which enhances their order delivery experience and builds trust. Having an integrated OMS can take your conversion rate to the next level by dynamically creating delivery options in real-time and selecting the most cost-effective services to ensure order delivery by the promised date.


Fulfilling orders during unprecedented times with OMS

Most of the companies that were heavily affected by the pandemic didn’t have an effective order management system. They faced several challenges such as loss of revenue, margin erosion, and negative customer experience. Evidently, the companies which didn’t incorporate adaptive technologies and intelligent order management systems failed to adapt to the ‘new normal’. On the other hand, those businesses with an integrated OMS were prepared to successfully achieve their order fulfillment, inventory, and tracking processes; thus rendering outstanding customer service to their customers in tough times.


Emerging technologies will continue to push companies to provide better service.

Those companies who continue to adopt evolving technologies will thrive in the commerce world and be able to satisfy their customers throughout their order journey. With the rise of various technologies and innovative systems designed to expand omnichannel experiences and fulfillment options, companies will continue to grow their eCommerce business and remain an effective option for consumers post-pandemic.


Enhance your OMS with FenixCommerce


Are you ready to take the next leap to improve your OMS with a best-in-class order management solution? FenixCommerce’s Order Operations Platform is designed to enhance your OMS using a powerful artificial intelligence engine. The platform augments your already existing OMS to display order cut-off times, delivery date estimates, and shipping costs for any number of options on the product, cart, and checkout pages.


Personalized order delivery experience

FenixCommerce’s order solutions are configurable to show accurate shipping and delivery options that are personalized based on customer location, inventory levels and location, product parameters, and carrier contracts in order to optimize your customers’ shopping experience.


FenixCommerce is a reliable partner for your eCommerce website to help you augment your OMS, improve the order delivery experience for your customers, and increase conversion. We offer customized solutions to reduce friction in the eCommerce journey by presenting delivery estimates to customers at various stages of their shopping journey. Learn about our order fulfillment solutions here, and let us help you grow your business.

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