Optimize inventory, reduce shipping costs, and streamline fulfillment operations

Real-World Impact
The FenixCommerce Order Operations Platform allows you to continuously improve your fulfillment operations using our powerful artificial intelligence engine to augment your existing order management technology and processes.

Reduce shipping costs

Intelligently select the cheapest shipping service that will get an order to its destination by the predicted date. For example, for zone 1-3 destinations, ground services will generally arrive within two transit days—so there’s seldom a good reason to use a two-day service.

Intelligently route orders

Because the Order Operations Platform can intelligently route orders to specific fulfillment locations based on configurable criteria, you can use it to optimize inventory levels across multiple warehouses based on any number of factors including inventory availability, customer proximity, customer loyalty, and many more.

Optimize all aspects of Order Operations

Access more than 20 variables related to Product, Inventory, Fulfillment Locations, Carrier, and Customer data to configure a broad range of Order Operations rules related to carrier and shipping service selection, shipping/pickup options, customer-facing shipping charges, and shipping/pickup-related promotions.

Grow revenue with FenixCommerce from day 1, Guaranteed!


Fenix provides pre-built APIs and supports
all major eCommerce platforms. 

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Personalize shopper pick up and shipping options with clear and accurate delivery options, dates, and costs

Offer shipping or pickup-related promotions based on customer, inventory, or product parameters

Analyze, report on, and improve order ops performance across all channels and fulfillment locations

Improve your Conversions with FenixCommerce from day 1, Guaranteed!
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71% of eCommerce retailers surveyed saw their businesses grow as a result of COVID-19

The report talks about four areas you can focus on in order to provide a better customer experience, improve conversion, and stick to your shipping budget–even if you can’t give every shopper “fast and free” shipping.

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