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Our clients range from single-location, $2M/year revenue small businesses to major brands that ship millions of online orders per year from more than a thousand fulfillment locations.

Absolutely! Because the IDP intelligently shops for rates in real time based not only on standard package parameters but also inventory and customer proximity to each other, we allow you to select low-cost (e.g. Ground) services to fulfill short-timeframe shipping options (e.g. use Ground to fulfill a 2-day delivery promise since the IDP knows from experience that the package will get there in 2 days). This lowers the cost side of the equation for your shipping operations, allowing you to increase profitability on each shipping charge (or pass the savings along to your customers). Also, our clients find that on average 12% of shoppers are willing to pay more for a shipping option with a concreted delivery date; this allows them to increase shipping revenue an average of 21% by charging more for Fenix-optimized shipping.

No, the platform was built in a completely category-agnostic way, and our clients represent a broad range of product categories across B2C and B2B eCommerce.

We typically charge based on a tiered monthly subscription fee for a given number of total monthly orders. If the number of orders is exceeded, we charge a small charge per order on the extra orders. In addition to the standard pay-as-you-go monthly subscription model, we offer a significant discount for full year–or longer–contracts paid in full up front. Specific pricing may vary based on eCommerce platform and other factors; please contact us to discuss your specific situation and get a firm price.

Yes, for shipments that ship from a US-based (domestic) location to an international location, Fenix can calculate an estimated delivery date.

FenixCommerce offers intelligent shipping solutions that allow our clients to provide an Amazon-Prime-like customer experience by exposing accurate delivery dates and costs on the product, cart, and checkout pages. We also offer tools to help our clients improve their fulfillment operations by directing orders to fulfillment locations based on a number of parameters, and by using lower-cost shipping services to deliver orders in expedited timeframes using low-cost services like Ground. These capabilities allow our clients to better position themselves against Amazon and other larger, deeper-pocketed retailers.

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71% of eCommerce retailers surveyed saw their businesses grow as a result of COVID-19

The report talks about four areas you can focus on in order to provide a better customer experience, improve conversion, and stick to your shipping budget–even if you can’t give every shopper “fast and free” shipping.

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