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Shipping Rules

Yes. Shipping options are easily configurable in the Fenix Business Console for either Flat rates or Actual rates. You can vary Flat rates per Order cost threshold within a given Shipping option. For Actual rates you also have the option to modify them with +/- $ or % thresholds. Fenix also supports calculating the Shipping Costs by customer if supported by your eCommerce platform.

For the Shopify IDP app, customer-specific shipping rules are supported via the Shopify Tag feature.

Yes, the IDP allows you to configure specific shipping options for specific products or entire categories.
Yes, this can be set up by the FenixCommerce Client Support team for you, although this ability is subject to support by your eCommerce platform. For the Shopify IDP app, customer profile-specific shipping rules and promotions are supported utilizing Customer’s email address, log-in ID or via the Shopify Tag feature. Please contact us for more specific information.

Yes, the IDP is highly configurable in this area. For example, all packages in a certain weight range or with certain dimensions can be constrained to specific delivery services. Origin and destination zip codes can also factor into these rules.

Yes, shipping rules can be set at the SKU level. For example, if certain SKUs take more time to ship (e.g. for customized products like personalized items), that time can be added to the estimated delivery date for just those items.

Yes, you can set up zip-code-based zones based on your business’s specific needs. For example if you want to offer free 2-day shipping to all US zip codes except rural Alaska, you can set up a zone for those zip codes and create a rule to not offer the free 2-day option to them.

Yes, within the limitations of your eCommerce platform’s ability to support them. The IDP’s packaging engine allows you to set up complex rules about how an order will be packaged, including orders for which it’s more cost effective (or necessary) to split across several packages, such as very heavy orders or orders with multiple large items. If you want to offer a shopper the ability to split an order into multiple shipments in checkout, the IDP can support that but your eCommerce platform’s checkout experience must also support the user-facing functionality to do this.

Yes, these custom shipping rules can be configured by Fenix platform support team

Yes. Assuming your 3rd Party app provides a date field for when your backordered item is available to ship from your supplier, The IDP should be able to read that data field and incorporate it into the delivery date calculation for that item and display it, in real-time, to your shoppers.

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