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The IDP is pre-integrated with Shopify, Shopify+, SalesForce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware), Adobe Magento Community Edition, BigCommerce, and HCL (formerly IBM) WebSphere Commerce, and SAP Hybris. Integrating the IDP with a specific eCommerce platform is straightforward and we have supported clients using other platforms, including custom and headless eCommerce solutions.

Yes, the IDP can pass all order information–including shipping option selected, carrier, service, promise date, package weight and dimensions, etc to a downstream system such as an OMS, shipping software, or label printing software.

For the Shopify IDP app–assuming inventory is maintained in Shopify–it will be automatically updated via Shopify webhooks.

For any platform, the IDP can be set up to integrate with your inventory management software via API, or can periodically update its view of inventory via a shared (e.g. SFTP) file.

The IDP employs a flexible Micro Services/API based Architecture and is straightforward to integrate with any other software that supports API-based communication. For specific eCommerce-related solutions we have built integrations with, visit our integrations page. If you are wondering if we can integrate with a solution that’s not listed there, please contact us and we can evaluate your specific request.

For all other eCommerce platforms, this more transactional data is obtained via FenixCommerce APIs or can be frequently transfered using .csv files via Secure FTP.

For all eCommerce platforms, the IDP Business Console can be used to view the IDP’s view of this data, and the FenixCommerce Client Support team is available to assist.

Because FenixCommerce offers a pre-built Integration with all major eCommerce platforms, for most merchants the IDP need only integrate directly with your eCommerce store, using webhooks, APIs, and/or SFTP to access the required data. For the Shopify IDP app, if you ship from more than four fulfillment locations, Shopify platform limitations may come into play which may require us to integrate directly with your Inventory Management soluiton; please constact us to discuss if this is the case for your Shopify store.

Certain other eCommerce platforms may also have limitations in this area, please contact us to discuss your specific situation.

No, we do not integrate with any label printing solutions at this time.

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