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FenixCommerce Pricing

Free Subscription Program
For clients currently on Shopify processing over 10K orders/month, FenixCommerce now offers a Free Subscription Program.
With the Free Subscription Program, clients receive all the benefits of Fenix’s Estimated Delivery Dates (EDDs) and Carrier Rate Shopping at ZERO COST. Clients can also utilize shipping upgrade features & carrier cost assignment technology to drive additional retailer profit.

Sliding Scale Pricing

Not currently on Shopify or looking for something else? 
Get pricing tailored to your specific business needs.
Pricing for each FenixCommerce solution is based on a sliding-scale transaction fee that is tailored to each client’s specific business needs, order volume, and desired functionality.
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Platform Support
FenixCommerce provides APIs for easy integration, and supports all major eCommerce platforms, making it easy to launch Fenix on your website within days.
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