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People have been buying and selling for centuries. The traditional process of purchasing a product or service has remained the same throughout the ages, until the emergence of eCommerce in recent years. The prototypical purchase experience has completely evolved under the influence of evolving technologies, such as: mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems.

Today’s customers want their order delivery experience to be considered a fundamental part of the whole buying experience.They want both flexibility and choice when it comes to receiving their online orders. They expect more delivery options, and are more likely to abandon shopping carts if they encounter unsatisfactory delivery service. Retailers that provide better and more convenient delivery options are always preferred by the customers. 

When customers experience an excellent order delivery system, this forms the foundation for increasing sales and retaining lifelong customers. 

Delivery is top-priority when it comes to customer perception. Moreover, customers nowadays are decisive. Therefore; they expect clear information and notifications of their order status, shipping information, and estimated delivery dates throughout every point of their purchasing journey. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top requirements for providing an exceptional delivery experience. 

  • Prioritized, proactive communications 

Picture through your customer’s eyes: see as they  repeatedly check their inboxes for shipping updates, and refresh the tracking number to see where the item is located. Being able to know when an order will arrive is essential to shoppers. Keep your customers updated and informed as much as physically possible. Prioritizing proactive communications is critical throughout the order delivery and fulfillment process to minimize order cancellation and boost customer satisfaction. 

  • Displayed estimated delivery dates

Now, put yourself in your customer’s shoes. You’ve felt the excitement of your online purchase, and have probably already checked the estimated delivery date a couple of times. Providing accurate estimated delivery dates are an integral part of order fulfillment and customer satisfaction by doing three key things. First, knowing the estimated delivery dates means your customers can plan accordingly. Second, it builds excitement for your brand’s products when they can see the delivery date of their order. Finally, estimated delivery dates enhance customer satisfaction and turn them into loyal returning customers. 

  • Personalized order delivery experience

Your delivery service can either make or break your eCommerce business. Some customers have preferences when it comes to delivery options like delivery dates and delivery modes. Providing your customers with several shipping options and modes shows your customers that you’re considerate and mindful of their preferences and needs. 

As a retailer, you need to show clear information throughout the customer’s journey in order to improve customer satisfaction and your overall order fulfillment process. When it comes to order delivery experience, customers expect a customized experience. We’ve studied and analyzed several studies that back this up. According to one study, 80% of customers are more likely to purchase a product or service from a brand that provides a tailored delivery experience. 

Improve conversion with FenixCommerce

As illustrated, a positive delivery experience is very important for building a loyal customer base and driving website conversions. It’s high time for businesses to reclaim this little-prioritized but quintessential element of customer experience. Our team at FenixCommerce has dedicated the last several years to building an intelligent order delivery platform backed by AI and machine learning to prioritize the overall delivery experience. 

The FenixCommerce Order Operations Platform helps you improve your order fulfillment operations by augmenting your order management system using a powerful artificial intelligence engine. It is customizable to display order cut-off times, delivery date estimates, and shipping costs for any number of options on the product, cart, and checkout pages. A one-stop-shop to view and manage all your customer orders in one place, the FenixCommerce Order Operations Platform makes it easy to analyze the given information and make data-driven choices.

If you’re a seller, creating an optimized delivery experience to your existing order management system can help drive customer satisfaction and boost sales for your business. Our clients have seen an average 11% increase in conversion and a 9% increase in shipping revenue with our intelligent Order Operations Platform. Consider working with FenixCommerce to streamline your operations and improve your customer’s shopping experience. 

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