Spiceology increases conversion more than 19% with FenixCommerce

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Client Story

It all started with a blend called Smoky Honey Habanero.

Founded in 2013 by award-winning executive chef Pete Taylor and top food blogger Farmgirl Gourmet (aka Heather Scholten), Spiceology had humble Farmer’s Market beginnings. Fast forward a couple of years and Williams Sonoma took notice of this interesting little spice company. A year later, Spiceology launched its Foodservice program.

Now you can find their ingredients and blends in restaurants, grocery stores, and home kitchens across the globe—including on the kitchen shelves of some of the culinary world’s greatest chefs. Whether you’re a professional chef, weekend grill warrior or amateur home cook, Spiceology is here to help with innovative signature blends and 300+ small-batch ground spices, chiles, herbs, salts, confections, fruit & vegetable powders, and modernist ingredients.

Annual Revenue
$5M to $10M
For us, Fenix means ease of use from both an internal and customer perspective. On the customer side, guests see shipping times on the product page and in checkout, leading to increased conversion. On the back end, the team at Fenix was incredibly responsive, getting us implemented quickly in the midst of both the pandemic and the major shift in our business model that went with it. Overall the app has been a great addition to our online store!

Heather Scholten
CIO and Founder

client opportunity

March 2020 was a tumultuous time for just about everyone on Earth, and Spiceology was no exception. “Messaging to consumers during the quarantine is challenging, but imagine messaging to chefs, who are shuttering their restaurants in record numbers. Practically overnight, chefs across the country were just trying to avoid bankruptcy….” said Chip Overstreet, Spiceology CEO, in an interview with Forbes, “So, we decided to completely shut down our outbound marketing and sales efforts focused on food service and respond only to inbound requests. At the same time, we had to turn 180 degrees and put all our energy into the consumer segment.”

As luck would have it, Spiceology was already evaluating FenixCommerce as a way to provide their DTC customers with an Amazon-like order experience. As part of the B2C pivot, they decided to pull the trigger and implement the OEP.

FenixCommerce Solution

Spiceology was running on Shopify Plus when they first rolled out the FenixCommerce private app for that platform. The FenixCommerce client success team worked over a weekend to get the app up and running in record time, and within a month the brand started seeing immediate benefits in terms of not only conversion lift, but in a shift in sales volume from Amazon to the DTC site—which they attribute to providing the aforementioned Amazon-like experience. The firm’s before- and after-FenixCommerce shipping data also shows a shift toward lower-cost shipping services, indicating that when presented with EDDs, their customers feel confident picking lower-cost options, knowing they’ll still receive their orders on time.

In the fall of this year—with the B2C pivot a resounding success—Spiceology decided to undertake another ambitious technology move and migrate their site to BigCommerce. In doing so, they became one of the first clients to implement the FenixCommerce BigCommerce app.

Spiceology leverages the OEP’s Estimated Delivery Date functionality on Product and Checkout pages, and (as you can see from the shipping method metric) receives great value from the platform’s ability to real-time rate shop and use lower-cost shipping services even for expedited deliveries.

Increase conversion by up to 14% by displaying accurate delivery and pick-up information

Personalize shopper pick up and shipping options with clear and accurate delivery options, dates, and costs

Improve your Conversions with FenixCommerce from day 1, Guaranteed!
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71% of eCommerce retailers surveyed saw their businesses grow as a result of COVID-19

The report talks about four areas you can focus on in order to provide a better customer experience, improve conversion, and stick to your shipping budget–even if you can’t give every shopper “fast and free” shipping.

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