Retailers, don't undersell your fulfilment/delivery capabilities

October 12, 2019

While shopping for an item on one of the leading omni-channel retailer, I was pleasantly surprised and frustrated at the same time. The reason - the retailer in this instance actually showed me the delivery date on the product page (over 80% of the shoppers expect to see delivery date and cost on the product page today), however, the date shown is Sep 21st, 5 business days out with $11.95 as the shipping cost. Now, why would someone have a 5 business days delivery named as Expedited delivery and charge their customers $11.95 for it. This is a fantastic example of a botched implementation of a great idea and sure shot way to negatively impact conversion.

Retailers need not undersell their fulfilment and delivery capabilities and take full advantage of intelligently providing the shipping options to their shoppers during their entire shopping journey.

Author is the founder of Fenix Commerce, which is the provider of Intelligent Delivery Experience platform, which uses AI and machine learning algorithms to provide accurate delivery options to their shoppers through entire shopping journey and allows Retailers complete flexibility to take full advantage of their fulfillment and delivery capabilities.

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